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Your Daily Gator isn’t in Gainesville.

Another member of Dan Mullen’s vaunted 2019 class bites the dust.

Eh, who needs four-star offensive linemen, anyway?



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They thought they could have it all.

So, Finebaum asks a Twitter question.

And gets this in response.

Number four in particular.

I know many of you are convinced that player payment is what’s going to ruin college football, but as far as I’m concerned, the death spiral began when the people running the sport took the knee and accepted Mickey’s coin on the condition that college football lose its regional focus and attractiveness and chase national appeal in its place.

What’s good for Mickey decidedly isn’t for college football.  Too bad it’ll take the geniuses running college athletics at least another decade before that message really sinks in.  Of course, by then it’ll be way too late… for us.


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“He might not play high school football until the fall of 2020.”



But that hasn’t stopped the kid from scoring offers from Alabama and Georgia.

This is how fast it is. On a Saturday in early June, Davis went to a camp in Athens and showed his talent in front of Georgia coaches. After the camp, he met with Bulldogs quarterbacks coach, James Coley, and was surprised with an offer.

Four days later, Davis was at a similar camp at Alabama. When it was over, Saban gave him an offer.

“I’ve always dreamed of this as a kid,” Davis said, “and when they told me I got an offer, I was like, ‘Dreams really do come true.’ I didn’t expect it. I felt like they see my work ethic at this age and how much potential I have. I haven’t proven anything yet. I haven’t touched a high school field yet. But they haven’t seen anything yet. I’m telling you that.”

The best part of this story?  He hasn’t even won the starting job on the high school team yet.


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Name that caption, we run this state edition

Richard LeCounte, feelin’ it.


Jeff Sentell/DawgNation

That day, he wasn’t wrong.


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