Name that caption, we run this state edition

Richard LeCounte, feelin’ it.


Jeff Sentell/DawgNation

That day, he wasn’t wrong.



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14 responses to “Name that caption, we run this state edition

  1. Richard, end up on the wrong side of the scoreboard, and you’ll find out quickly it’s a rivalry. #WeRunThisState #THWGT

    My caption – “Losing to Georgia is the #404culture”


    • Greg

      Absolutely…..hope we’ve learned from the Texas game.

      With that said, that fellow may be my favorite player. Gonna be a helluva pro when the time comes imo.

      No caption….only thing I can think of is “float like a butterfly” thingy. But won’t work.


  2. South FL Dawg

    “I hate Florida,” LeCounte said. “I’m not a Florida fan. I’m not a Florida Gator. I’m not fond of anything Florida. I plan on beating them as long as I’m in college. I don’t want it to be a rivalry when we get there. I just want it to be another game that we win. I want to take all the fun out of it. I don’t want it to be fun at all.”

    How can you not love this guy?

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  3. Hobnail_Boot

    When his fundamentals catch up to his instincts and passion, LeCounte will be incredible.

    I hope that it happens in Athens before he plays in the NFL.


  4. Dawg19

    “This century, he isn’t wrong.”

    Fixed it.


  5. Macallanlover

    Well, it is a rivalry, at least to many within the state borders, not a very good one, and not one with any more than regional appeal. I do remember when it was one I looked forward to seeing, I don’t think Richard was alive then. At least one week a year, it is important to 2 fan bases; but so it beating Ga Southern.

    Love Richard’s passion, started the day he committed and hasn’t slacked off. He is a good safety, a real ball hawk, but his shying away from contact on occasion last season got him labeled below his potential. I expect to see him recover from that this fall, if not, there are some dudes waiting to take his place. Steele had him as the #1 draft eligible FS for the upcoming draft so he still has some national respect. Betting he will ball out this year, it is pay me time for 3rd year players!


    • Greg

      Never seen him shy away from contact. I have seen him overrun some plays missing tackles. Looks to me like he enjoys the contact, definitely not shy…he’ll stick his neck in there.


  6. J.Maxwell

    Richard is a DGD !