A simple Monday question

Is this meant to be a compliment?

Screenshot_2019-07-08 College Sports on SiriusXM on Twitter

(BTW, I think Stoops has done a good job building a respectable program in Lexington.)


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13 responses to “A simple Monday question

  1. Spike

    Is that what “Damning with faint praise.” looks like?:)


  2. 92 grad

    Lol, I think I would rank Stoops pretty high, higher than cousin Eddie for sure. He’s done a good job at uk.


    • Macallanlover

      True, Stoops has raised the bar for Kentucky football by taking it to a new level. That cannot be said for Dancing Danny. Had some decent talent at Missy State but never won, or even competed for, one division title, much less a conference title.

      I don’t think KY has the ceiling FU has but he has the Wildcats closer to their potential than Mully does the Gaytors, and seems to be trending upward. FU is continuing to fall further back despite the surrounding talent in the state of Florida at a time where the in-state rivals are struggling. It may be too early to judge Mully in Gainesville but hen you look at his 10 years as a HC, it seems unlikely he will make it. The guy is just a dork, socially awkward, and that doesn’t seem to be playing well with recruits.

      On the other hand, Kentucky stayed with Stoops through a slow start and allowed him to build his program on solid ground. It will be interesting to see if he can parlay last season’s success to improved talent. KY gets the Gaytors in lexington this year, would love to see him continue whipping those AHs for a while. And Stoops can add TN to the list of teams Kentucky could pass in the East pecking order while he is at it, kick TN every chance you get Mark and keep them down.


  3. DavetheDawg

    Mark Stoops is going to have to start losing recruits at a more prodigious rate if he even wants to be mentioned in the same breathe as Dan Mullen.

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  4. practicaldawg

    I didn’t click through, but is Stoops running off 4* talent in droves or something? Seriously, what has Mullen done to deserve being a coach that anyone would aspire to? Also, isn’t Stoops undefeated against Mullen as a HC?


  5. Texas Dawg

    What an insult to Stoops.


  6. stoopnagle

    Dan Mullen is a tool. That said…

    Mississippi State is a doormat, was in shambles even for it when he got there, and he made them competitive to the point MSU was the first #1 in the CFP poll. That’s pretty damn good.

    If the idea is that Stoops is taking a school with little football tradition or power and making them relevant (I’d say being able to play for the division on your homefield in November is relevant), then setting up a jump to a power within the P5 and win 10 games as a compliment, yeah. I’d say so.


  7. JCDawg83

    I wonder exactly what is it that O’Gara doesn’t like about Stoops?


  8. IndyDawg

    Gator sphincters everywhere tighten up!


  9. Hobnail_Boot

    If Ryan Day slips up at anOSU, they’ll let Stoops name his price.


  10. FlyingPeakDawg

    So now we know the next year’s coach for the gators. Welcome to the Swamp Mark!


  11. A left-handed compliment.


  12. jt10mc (the other one)

    Except that head to head…Stoops is 2-3 vs. Mullen. So there’s that.