Another simple Monday question

With regard to the California Fair Pay to Play Act and its critics who claim (natch) it would hurt the very kids it claims to support:

“Why would any student-athlete go to, say, Arkansas, if they can make more money in California?” she asked during a Chronicle interview.

Why, the weather, of course, said absolutely no one.


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10 responses to “Another simple Monday question

  1. As much as I love Athens and UGA, if I had known what Westwood and UCLA looked like back when I was an 18-year old, I would have chosen UCLA. Same with Pepperdine.


    • The view from Pepperdine’s campus is stunning.


    • with ^^this^^ i agree, knowing how impressionable we all were at 17-18 just like these recruits. having lived here 15+ years now, I say this often to others. but my heart lives in athens forever of course and i’m incredibly grateful. but it’s truly a beautiful campus as well as pepperdine. (and give me a quake threat over tornado alley any day)


  2. chopdawg

    I see a solution to several problems here: move the GA-Fla game from Jacksonville to the Rose Bowl. Home game for all our California Dawgs…and, it’ll be a recruiting boon for GA, because while the players are in California, they’ll be able to score some NIL cash (“Hi, I’m offensive tackle Andrew Thomas. I’m coming to California this year for the World’s Largest Outdoor Flower Festival. And while I’m here, I’m gonna eat a whole lot of In-N-Out burgers.”)


  3. Normaltown Mike

    “the bill prohibits any “organization with authority over intercollegiate athletics” from kicking out colleges from intercollegiate athletics if students sell their name, image or likeness”

    Good luck with that.


  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Well, the ground doesn’t move on its own much in Arkansas or Georgia. So there’s that.