“People act like it’s going to have to be a total transition.”

I know Paul Johnson famously claimed at his retirement that his successor’s job wouldn’t be so daunting at the beginning — “It’s not like someone is going to have to come in and start over.” — but the reality, as laid out in this State of the Program piece about Georgia Tech ($$), is quite different.

Take this relatively minor point as an example:

Formerly in four-point stances, Georgia Tech’s offensive linemen now don’t have 70 percent of their body weight falling forward when the ball is snapped. They now have their weight more evenly distributed and are focusing more on pass protection.

It’s going to be a total transition.



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4 responses to ““People act like it’s going to have to be a total transition.”

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    The fact that GT didnt have one scholly TE on the roster and even held open TE tryouts at spring practice for potential walk-ons tells you all you have to know regarding the needed roster rebuild. Collins has his work cutout for him, and the first few years will be ugly.


  2. 81Dog

    Coach GEE-off will wish he’d taken the blue pill before this season is over. Wait until he finds how deep the rabbit hole goes.


  3. Got Cowdog

    The “Extreme Exaggerated Passion” tweet from last week still bothers me. One of the other commenters made mention of how they looked compared to our guys? Good lord the tech game is likely to be a slaughter. I keep catching myself feeling sorry for the nerds and I hate feeling sorry for the nerds.
    Some have commented about tech no longer being a viable opponent, I am afraid that may be true for a few more years. I was raised on COFH. Hating tech is a family affair for us. But that tweet? They are cute as puppies and have about as much business being on the field with a top 5 team as I do throwing hands with Evander.
    This sucks. I hate tech……