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Always be preppin’.

You’ll be pleased to know Jake Fromm is doing what he can this summer.

As was reported by Dawgs247’s Rusty Mansell, Fromm has spent extra time this summer working with Georgia’s inexperienced receivers, especially George Pickens and Dominick Blaylock. The veteran quarterback questions the youngsters on whether they know plays and formations, and challenges them when they don’t because the junior triggerman understands that without several of his go-to guys, the two freshmen will have to step into larger roles than they may have expected when they signed.

How much those two can contribute in the opener and then how much they grow over the course of the season is one of the more important keys for 2019, considering how many receivers Georgia likes to deploy in a game.



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Scott Stricklin on Jacksonville

Once you get past the two outright laughers in this piece (“It’s a good time to be a Gator.” and “Perfect fit is one way to describe Mullen’s start at Florida.”), you’ll come to where Florida’s AD is on the Cocktail Party:

Stricklin also facing a difference of opinion when it comes to the Florida Georgia game that’s played in Jacksonville every year.  Georgia head coach Kirby Smart said at the SEC spring meetings that the game being played in Jacksonville hurts recruiting.

“It’s just not great for recruiting because you lose a home game every other year and that just comes with it.  But it certainly helps to have more home games,” Smart said.

Stricklin believes Jacksonville is still working for both sides.

“We are in Jacksonville for the next three of four years and Jacksonville has been a great home for that matchup for many, many years,” Stricklin said.  “We are always going to keep an open mind, but our hope deep down is that game will remain in Jacksonville.”

In other words, as long as they keep stroking those big checks…


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Georgia and the latest ESPN FPI

Mickey’s stat geeks have the Dawgs third in the country in FPI, while projecting something like a 10-2 regular season.  How come?

Screenshot_2019-07-09 ESPN Football Power Index - 2019 - ESPN

Welp, it’s the schedule, stupid.  Fifth-ranked strength of schedule, based on playing seven of the top twenty teams.  (By the way, how about the ‘Cocks going 6-6 with the 18th ranked team in FPI?)

To give you an idea of how tough ESPN projects the SEC East to be, Georgia only has a 2.5% chance of running the table in the regular season, and the next best chance of doing so goes to Missouri… at 0.4%.

Here’s how FPI projects Georgia’s regular season schedule:

Screenshot_2019-07-09 Georgia 2019 FPI - Bulldogs - ESPN

You read that right — Georgia projects to have an easier time with Notre Dame than with Tennessee.  FPI favors the Dawgs in each game, but cumulative effect is a beyotch, I suppose.



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When it just means more… at Kansas?

What do you get when you import an SEC head coach and an SEC athletic director?  Why, this:

Kansas standout running back Pooka Williams has been reinstated following a seven-month suspension but will sit out the 2019 season opener, the team announced Monday.

Williams, arrested and charged with domestic battery in December, reached a domestic violence diversion agreement with the Douglas County district attorney’s office in March…

Williams was charged in December after an 18-year-old Kansas student he was dating told police that he punched her in the stomach and grabbed her throat. An affidavit obtained by The Kansas City Star showed that the woman had text messages from Williams admitting to punching her. A police officer found bruises on the woman, according to the affidavit….

“Pooka has taken responsibility for his actions and we are happy he is back with the team,” Miles said in a statement. “This young man has learned much throughout this process and we will support him as he continues working through the required educational and accountability steps.”

Folks, there’s a new Second Chance U in town.


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Your Daily Gator has a schedule.

Say what you will otherwise, but Florida has to be the only team in the country that plays in two meteor games this season.


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