Your Daily Gator has a schedule.

Say what you will otherwise, but Florida has to be the only team in the country that plays in two meteor games this season.


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12 responses to “Your Daily Gator has a schedule.

  1. Mike Cooley

    Boy that first one is a tough call. As much as I hate Florida, Auburn has become the team I may just hate more. Since 2010 I despise them and that first game in ‘17 made it even worse. Their fans are hard to describe but they are just the worst.


  2. Got Cowdog


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  3. Mayor

    Better for Georgia if Auburn beats the Gators.

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    • Comin' Down The Track

      Trü, but I won’t be mad with either outcome. Just like when they play the Hillbillies, someone has to lose and lots of people get… well, let’s just say it’s an extremely physical game.


  4. Dawg19

    When in doubt, pull for the team that can help you. Florida winning doesn’t help us in the least. I’d like to see Auburn win a four-overtime thriller 3-0.


  5. Otto

    I have zero problem pulling for Auburn. I hope Kentucky has a 20 year winning streak over Florida.


  6. truck

    I hate to say every UF game is a meteor game, but if the Gators are playin’ I’m prayin’.


  7. stoopnagle

    hmm… “I like trucks” but also #ftmf…

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