Your Daily Gator is making excuses.

Eh, losing your highest-rated recruit is no big deal, amirite?

It really is amusing how much these people sound like we did ten and twenty years ago.


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  1. stoopnagle

    Should we be worried we lost the top rated recruit from our ’18 class?


    • Boz

      We lost #1 recruit in 2016 too, but only worried if Fromm goes down


    • MGW

      Would be better if we didn’t lose him, but no, we shouldn’t be worried. This day and age, a kid who is willing to sit four years to play one ain’t going to be the kid you want starting for a team like Georgia. By that I mean, sure, he’d have been a great guy to have around for when Fromm graduates or goes pro, but that was always a fantasy. Super high quality talent that waits its turn for more than a year or two at QB doesn’t exist in 2019. He was going to take the job from Fromm, or leave. Although Fields I think will turn out to be an absolute baller, Fromm was and is better today, and Fields is gone. Nothing to worry about, just the way the QB position works for a top tier team nowadays.


    • jt10mc (the other one)

      Except he isn’t in a position of immediate need. Chris Steele was penciled in as the starting CB after Spring.


  2. Mayor

    Please don’t say we sounded like these sniveling assholes 10-20 years ago. I don’t remember that anyway. I remember some bitching and moaning but not excuses.


  3. Glad you picked up on this. This was my response.

    A team as talented as UGA (and as deep) would have a good bit of angst in 9-10 players transferred. Last time I checked, Florida isn't as talented nor as deep as Georgia.— Parrish Walton (@ParrishWalton) July 10, 2019

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  4. Cojones

    Whistlin’ through the graveyard.

    Dooley doesn’t go into the details and as he’s glossing it over, there is a false bravado apparent in his voice as well. The fact that FU ignored a player who wanted to change roommates before the roommate got into trouble and pulled him into it was prophetic to the point that Mullen et al were ignoring anything that unfolded from the recruit’s mind. That sullied the entire Southeast in the kid’s mind such that he didn’t visit other teams, returned to his part of the country and immediately enrolled in USC. Mullen and his coaches should be kicked in the ass for such ignorance about other’s thoughts and complaints, regardless of whether they are prized recruits or the Jimmys and Joes. I guess this is holdover from Urban, who can now give them lessons by radio.

    FU continues to ignore the problem they have created in the minds of many recruits and can’t keep gators in the swamp. Hopefully the exodus will include the poisonous snakes that seem to be lurking in the background and the path to Gainesville gets covered up with undergrowth such that kids tire to find their way into that noir mire.

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    • Admiral Sackbar

      It’s crazy how long Urban has been gone and we’re still talking about how he left the culture of that program.


      • Got Cowdog

        Urban didn’t do it,. It’s Florida, dude. The whole freaking state is like that and always has been.


        • Admiral Sackbar

          Gainesville is no Athens but that athletic program was one of the nation’s best for like 2 decades, did Florida regress to their mean recently or did a string of bad personnel hires undo all their progress?


          • Russ

            Well, if you look at their entire history of football (and no, it didn’t start in 1991 when the ol’ Ball Sack took over), you’ll see that Florida had a ~15 year run of relevancy when Spurrier started winning an into the mid ’00’s. Other than that, they’ve always been a decent, but not dominant team, much like today. Florida has returned to their historical place. Their fans just don’t realize it (or won’t accept it).


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Before going to Jax fu has Miami, kentuck, utk, aubie, LSU, scu and 2 cupcakes. Even with 2 bye weeks thrown in that’s a tough schedule. Those depth issues are gonna take a toll.

    And no doubt Kirby already has a plan for baiting Grantham to blow a time out…

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    • Cojones

      If the depth issues bother them this year, just wait until next when there won’t be shit for experience on their landscape. If they get 10 wins this year (like several pundits feel they will), it will be under the gun of substitution problems for tired players or inexperienced 3*s. If they get 8 wins this season, I’ll be surprised.

      I’m amazed how FU gets lifted in the polls by winning their bowl game while we lost ours. That coupled with a magnificent goal line stand against us that makes their entire year under Grantham seem like D Nirvana for all other games is what’s behind much of the lack of thought about their team. It’s best to not tout reality to them and to watch them walk stupid and confidently onto the field this year to validate the Dunning-Kruger Effect.


  6. potatodawg

    Denial is not a river in Egypt!


  7. AceDawg

    The roster talent gap between these programs is vast. Yes, UF has a puncher’s chance if all of its key players are healthy against UGA, but we are talking only a puncher’s chance if ALL goes just right for them. Chances are they’ll have a couple injuries and feel like a lone Gator caught in the middle of a cattle stampede by the 4th quarter.

    In reading a recent UF roster post, I believe they are now currently at 78 scholarship players with 3 more 2019 recruits still yet to report. 75-78 is still above some mismanaged Richt teams, but it is a problem midway through a season when you are facing teams like UGA that can throw out second stringers with no drop off.


  8. I need someone to explain to me why the media has so much preseason love for UF. And the ESPNs have georgia at like 53% chance to win or something. Florida love never dies for some reason. Everything to me looks like Florida is a mess, and I’m saying that without the glasses on. I hope we Hawaii the fuck out of them.

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  9. 3rdandGrantham

    Simply put, UF is in trouble sooner than later. Their secondary is paper thin, they’ve only recruited ONE DL the last two recruiting cycles, and and their OL talent (and overall OL recruiting) reminds me of the CMR days I’d rather forget.
    This fall we will have 22 five star recruits on our roster. UF? Zero. The gap actually is getting wider, and I just don’t see UF beating us anytime soon. Hell it’s the 80’s again as far as I’m concerned.

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  10. J.Maxwell

    All true Dawg fans know that the Gayturds are just whiny BITCHES !!!!!!


  11. J.Maxwell

    All true Dawg fans know the gayturds are just whiny BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. J.Maxwell



  13. Bulldog Joe

    The defections and the visa situation hit Florida where they could least afford it, DBs and OL.

    Georgia won last year’s game when Fromm picked apart their secondary and the protection forced Franks into quick decisions, which is not his strength.

    Best thing going for the Gators is Georgia’s loss of receivers and poor ‘Havoc Rate’ limit Georgia’s ability to take advantage of these weaknesses.

    Second-best thing going for Florida is they can gather the team and focus on practice one week earlier than everyone else. Given their team chemistry issues, they certainly need it. Conference schedule difficulty is equal to Georgia’s but with one less home game. They will also need to avoid an injury or another suspension/defection at these key positions.

    A lot has to go right for them to get to Atlanta.