How deep is Georgia’s valley

If you’re looking for the opposite of preseason happy talk, may I suggest you read Groo’s post today.

This is a very good point about the next step Fromm needs to take with his game:

This year I’d like to see Fromm put things on his shoulders when things aren’t going so well in the running game. Defenses will challenge him and the passing game by selling out against the run, and it will be up to Fromm to elevate an inexperienced but talented group of receivers. Let’s put it bluntly: Georgia hasn’t managed a point or even a drive longer than 28 yards in the fourth quarter of the past two games against Alabama. Can Fromm and the Georgia offense find a way to close out their biggest games this year?

Teams, as always against Smart’s program, will routinely sell out against the run defending Georgia, but how many of the teams the Dawgs face this season have the talent to force Fromm’s hand?  Alabama, duh, but also, at least if they stay healthy, the Gators.  Auburn’s defensive line is better than Florida’s, but not its secondary.

Not so coincidentally, those are the games that make me the most nervous, at least until Fromm shows he has taken the next step in his game.  (That also assumes the receiving corps develops depth quickly enough to allow Fromm to do so.)



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33 responses to “How deep is Georgia’s valley

  1. Got Cowdog

    I’ve been saying it for the past two seasons: JC had enough success with the run game to ride it almost exclusively. There wasn’t really a need for it until there was (LSU) and it wasn’t there for him. I’m not a football wizard by any means, but even I get that throwing on a defense that’s loading on the box will either beat them or at least get them off the line of scrimmage. That’s my beef with Chaney.
    That said, Kirby digging up tall, fast, physical receivers makes me think he may be on the mother. I hope so and if he is? Pucker up boys, it’s fixing to get real…


    • The other Doug

      Do you really think Chaney and Smart are so dumb that they don’t know to throw against teams stacking the box?

      They did light teams up using the TE and some other short passes, but they never turned Fromm loose when it mattered. There has to be something they knew that we don’t know.


      • Got Cowdog

        Surely to Dawg they aren’t/weren’t but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have my doubts about their stubbornness. I don’t think you’ll disagree that there are examples.
        To your point, I agree something was missing. When Chaney needed the passing game it wasn’t there for him. I’m guessing with the limited number of practices and a relatively young O-line there simply wasn’t time to groove it that he didn’t feel it wasn’t a liability. I don’t think it was ignored, I think it was a matter of priorities and UGA is a running team. Rome wasn’t built in a day and we’re seeing some transfers and recruits that indicate to me that CKS was aware of it and is taking measures to correct it.
        Plus Chaney went to ut so it’s OK for me not to like him anymore. He should have spent more time on the passing game so I would be happy with him.


      • Russ

        I don’t think they are dumb, but repeated goal line follies against Florida, Kentucky and Auburn does show they are stubborn.

        And I’m sure LSU made some adjustments, but we sure did seem to give up on the run. Throughout the game, we’d break off a decent run only to go away from it.


        • artful codger

          Agree about LSU game …no matter how they tried to spin it afterwards, the run worked early and moved us down the field. Then from beginning of 2nd quarter on we tried to be a “pass first” team.


      • Greg

        No…but I do think “Mr. Impose Your Will” is stubborn.

        Not that it is a bad thing😏.


  2. Did we not have drive more than 28 yards against Bama because of Jake Fromm or Kirby/Jim Chaney? In both games, we got the lead and then played not to lose. When Fromm was asked to drive the team the length of the field at crunch time in Pasadena without the ability to lean on the running game, he did it. If Rod makes that chip shot field goal to make it 31-14, the end of that game plays out differently if you ask me.


  3. Derek

    IMHO our breaking down offensively vs. Alabama is more on the OL and running game than Jake. When you have a lead, you need to grind out some first downs with the run game and we haven’t been able to. Jake is why we’ve had the lead against them and the OL and RBs need to close the deal. You can say, we’ll never be able to run on Bama in the 4th. Well, then you’d better have a bigger lead or just give up on beating them.

    What bothers me about Jake is that once he goes cold, he stays cold far too long. He wasn’t the same player after he threw that duck up at the end of the first half vs. Alabama. He went from on fire to cold after almost throwing a really bad pick six.

    He missed open guy after open guy in Baton Rouge.

    He went cold for a quarter and a half vs Texas when we needed to be mounting a comeback. By the time he got on track it was too late.

    He’s been spectacular at times. Going empty vs. saban’s Alabama team and thriving is not something I’ve seen a qb do, ever. He hasn’t cost us a game in two years which is what you want from a qb.

    We’re fine at the QB spot if he stays healthy. To me, the key between a great season and a historical one is Zeus. I want to see him running through Alabama and Clemson’s secondary in the second half. Then we bring home big trophies.

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  4. Go Dawgs!

    Florida’s got good defensive backs, but their depth is thinning out daily. I just can’t convince myself that I’m really supposed to be that worried about the Gators.

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  5. Greg

    “Let’s put it bluntly: Georgia hasn’t managed a point or even a drive longer than 28 yards in the fourth quarter of the past two games against Alabama. Can Fromm and the Georgia offense find a way to close out their biggest games this year?”

    If the coaches don’t get in his way….


    • Macallanlover

      Agree. Mystified by the coaches not putting enough trust in Jake, it was understandable the first few games of his freshman year, after that, not so much. OL breakdown against LSU , Texas, and 2nd half Bama in the 2nd half of SECCG is what needs to be looked at. Hope our new OC let’s Jake make more decisions to check into better plays this year. Not sure what he has to do to let KS and the OC to turn him loose. All you have to do is watch him on hurry up offense to see he is capable of picking a defense apart when given more reign. Along with Murray, one of UGA’s smartest QBs, ever. I am not a bit concerned about him being able to provide a better option at the LOS. It’s his 3rd year, let the Big Dawg eat.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Its a real cheap shot to blame Fromm in any way for either loss to bama, or any loss for that matter. For one, the play calling in the losses was questionable at best. At the very least the offense went into a shell.

    Tua was brought in the championship game and ‘turned loose’ to do whatever he could to get back in the game. Fromm has NEVER been ‘turned loose’ in that manner.

    And when our running game has suffered its usually because of craptacular play calls. Or how about putting Holyfield on the sideline after he was running through LSU. Those situations shouldn’t be attributed to Fromm.


    • Classic City Canine

      Uh, did you watch the LSU game? Fromm was real bad and that ain’t a cheap shot. Let’s go ahead and face the fact that Fromm has been nothing more than an outstanding game manager these past 2 years. He goes as far as the rest of the team will take him. Compare that to Deshaun Watson, Tua, Aaron Murray as an upperclassman, or heck even Eason. Those guys were playmakers who could put the team on their back in tight spots. Jake has failed to do that and it’s a huge reason why we’re still talking about rings from 1980. One of my biggest concerns/hopes for this year is that Jake takes the next step to be a playmaker rather than a game manager. Can he beat people when we aren’t steamrolling overmatched competition?


  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Alabama, duh, but also, at least if they stay healthy, the Gators. Auburn’s defensive line is better than Florida’s, but not its secondary.

    You sure about that? How many Gators are left? And of the ones who have stayed, how many just didn’t think they had any better option?

    I am counting my chickens before the eggs are even laid, I know, but it is hard not to given the last few weeks of news. Sure, Florida is still going to have talent, but Bama talent? They haven’t had Bama talent in a while now. I think you are letting the Spurrier/Corch years cloud your thinking.


    • I’m not sure about anything, but UF’s starting defensive front will be stout, the two CBs may be the best pair in the country and the safeties are good.

      The Gators’ problem is that there’s little to no depth behind any of that.

      I’m not predicting 10 wins for the Gators, because the schedule is tougher and that offensive line is brutal. But, if they stay relatively healthy, I don’t think they’re gonna fall off the table this season as much as some of you believe.


      • JCDawg83

        The weak offensive line will be brutal on their defense. If the gators can’t sustain any drives and their defense, as great as it may be, is forced to play 40 minutes a game, they will get beat in the fourth quarter by teams with decent defenses. I don’t see them going 6-6 but I could see them going 8-4 in the regular season.


        • Eight or nine wins is about what I see, too.


          • GruvenDawg

            UGA, LSU, Auburn, and to a certain extent SC and Missouri are going to give UF’s O-line all they can handle. Their starting 11 on D are pretty good. They cried because of their DB’s being out last year and they have less depth this year. If they have an injury or two in the DB group they are going to be in trouble. 9-3 is about right for Florida this year.


  8. Classic City Canine

    Here are my concerns for 2019 in order of concern:
    1) Defensive Line. This is the big difference between Alabama/Clemson and Georgia. We haven’t had 1st round monsters on the DL. Hopefully Davis, Walker, and others step up, but the jury is decidedly out on whether Trey Scott can get this unit up to championship standard. One other issue here is that a soft DL will bleed over into a young LB corps and potentially throttle their development.

    2) Offensive system/game management. This is squarely on the coaches. My concern is that Kirby is too stubborn with the run game to realize we need a strong season-long passing attack to win a title. You can’t steamroll the East with the run and then develop a passing attack just in time to face Bama and Clemson. I also have concerns about Coley’s ability to develop QB’s. We really need a great QB coach to balance out Kirby’s ignorance of the subject.

    3) Jake Fromm. He’s the best game manager I’ve ever seen, but he’s also failed to be a playmaker who can put the team on his back when they need a big play like Watson, Tagovailoa, and Eason. He’s an upperclassman now. He knows the system. Will he step up and be a great leader and playmaker in crunch time? We’ll see.

    4) Lack of Team Leadership. 2017 was a model of great team leadership and is probably the secret ingredient to that team’s success. 2018 was the complete opposite and we lost a lot of potential leaders as early draftees this year. Will these young studs also produce great leaders?

    5) Offensive Line. This might seem weird after watching what Kirby and Pittman have done to stack this room with excellent, talented, and huge playmakers. However, O-Line failure has been a potent ingredient in all of our losses. LSU and Texas in particular confused us with scheme and we all know how Alabama has shut us down in the 4th Quarter with their D-Line. As Groo says, these guys won’t be judged on how they do against Murray State. They’ll be judged against Auburn, Bama, etc.


    • GruvenDawg

      Some good points for sure.

      1) Clemson doesn’t have the D-line this year they have had in the past but they are still very good. Bama, well, they’re Bama. If our guys get/stay health and step up this year we could have a very good rotation up front and outside
      4) I think that leadership is the difference we have this year that we were lacking last year. All of these guys are Kirby’s guys and are going into at least their third year. Fromm, Thomas/Kindley, Swift, Woerner on O with Reed/Lecounte, Stokes, Rice, and Clark on D…I think every single one of those leaders wants to beat Bama and that’s the pre-requisite to get to where the team wants to go.


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