Keep your hands to yourself.

TFW a recruiting violation is so stupid, I can’t even bring myself to snark Jeremy Pruitt about it.


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  1. 3rdandGrantham

    If it were me, there’s no way I’m deleting that tweet, and if the NCAA or some shrill in compliance comes calling about it, I’d tell them to GFY. It’s funny how the NCAA is all about the ‘student athlete’ (sic)…that is, until anyone else tries to show them appreciation or said athlete attempts to operate in their own self-interest for a change. Then it is completely unacceptable.


  2. How dumb is that? It’s his alma mater. It’s not even the sport he coaches.


  3. Salty Dawg

    I’m all for it! Sic ’em, NCAA!


  4. Got Cowdog

    Pruitt wears orange so is effectively dead to me, but nit picking “Officials” are a pet peeve. I am surprised JP, with his temper, did not throw said “Compliance Officers” down a flight of stairs for wasting valuable time with this bullshit.
    And read the link to the end to find this little nugget;
    “Tennessee officials said they initially arranged a car service for the recruit’s family before realizing he had eight siblings who couldn’t be left unattended while his mother visited campus. Tennessee instead had a noncoaching staff member drive the mother and siblings to and from their home, which was about 225 miles from Tennessee’s campus. School officials said no recruiting conversations occurred during the December trip.
    The NCAA took away four recruiting evaluation days…”
    I’m not a fan of North Korea, but if they were to play the NCAA in a pickup game, I would probably pull for the Koreans.


    • Huntindawg

      I think the correct analogy is Al Queda vs. the NCAA.

      Serioiusly, I can’t believe Jeremy Pruitt didn’t call them out on that. I wish a coach would just put the NCAA in it’s place and state publicly what everyone already knows and believes privately: the NCAA is quickly becoming irrelevant and will soon have ZERO influence or control over college athletics. The public awareness of this kind of nonsense is just speeding that process along.


  5. dawgxian

    Ours were just released.


  6. Looks like we just self-reported a few violations of our own