They like ’em. They really, really like ’em.

Seeing as Groo mentioned Stassen’s preseason magazine consensus in his post I just linked to, I thought I’d share that with you guys.

Screenshot_2019-07-11 2019 Preseason Consensus

None of the four appear to be sleeping on the Dawgs.  It’s also interesting to see that the mags value the strength of the SEC less than do FPI and S&P+.  There are six conference teams in that top 25 and only two of those are from the SEC East.

Speaking of the East, here’s how that shakes out:

Screenshot_2019-07-11 2019 Preseason Consensus(1)

It’s the Year of the Vols, peeps!  Seriously, look at the consistency there.  Outside of Lindy’s, every magazine shows the same general pecking order, and even in the case of Lindy’s it’s just a matter of flopping the fifth and sixth place programs.

Obviously, nothing is etched in stone.  Injuries and the any given Saturday factor will no doubt play their parts when the dust settles.  Suffice to say Georgia is facing big expectations.  It’ll be Kirby’s job to make sure they’re met.


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19 responses to “They like ’em. They really, really like ’em.

  1. Tlkdawg

    Michigan, not buying it. Bama, Clempy, OU, and OSU are pretty much a guaranteed 11-1 or 12-0 every year now so you have to throw somebody in to have something new to write about. Nothing Harbaugh’s done so far makes me think he’s knocking off osu anytime soon. As a fan of all GA sports, (college and pro) my default position on UGA is always hope for the best. I just hope 2017 wasn’t as close as I’ll ever see us get to a title.


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    Can someone please explain to me why Michigan continues to be ranked so high pre-season on an annual basis? They were embarrassed at the end of last year and were totally exposed when they had to play anyone with a pulse, and the year before that they lost, what, 5 games? More so, when it comes to their biggest rival, they have only beaten OSU twice this century – one of those against an interim coached OSU team 7-8 years ago. If you remove that win, they have not beaten a legit coached OSU team since way, way back in ’03 – or back when Matthew Stafford was an underclassman in high school and BVG was in his heyday as DC here.

    Yet, yearly the talking heads predict all sort of great things for UM, with several predicting a win over Bama last year to win the whole thing. I just don’t get it.

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    • Greg

      New QB (Shea Patterson) & new OC would be my guess……


      • 3rdandGrantham

        But Shea Patterson was the QB all of last year too, in which his QB rating actually dipped from the year before at Ole Miss. Recruiting wise, UM has just been okay as of late, and going up against OSU and even UF last year, I saw a roster that lacked talent and speed.


        • Greg

          Yeah, I guess you are right… me. The only other thing I can think of is that they win the Big 10 (feasible) & they put them in the playoffs. Not as tough as an SEC schedule….they could come out with no losses or just one in that conference.

          If that is the case, I like their chances better than 2 SEC teams (right or wrong).

          Nonetheless, if that happens….they will get exposed imo.


        • I don’t think the FU loss counted for much, since many of their best players sat that out before the draft. However, they were definitely exposed by OSU.


          • GruvenDawg

            OSU is still a very talented team. However they will be breaking in a new QB AND a new head coach. UF didn’t realize how much of a culture problem they had after Urban left for a couple of years. Perhaps the cracks in the OSU program show earlier, or maybe Urban left OSU in better shape than he did UF.

            OSU should out talent Michigan and Fields should be seasoned by the time they play UM. However I have a feeling Michigan is going to throw the kitchen sink at Fields and see how he reacts in a huge game when he is the unquestioned leader. That’s the only reason I can see Michigan winning that game at the big house. I give Michigan about a 40% chance to win that game.


    • Unless Day ends up being Luke Fickell, I don’t see Michigan beating anOSU any time soon. Has there been anyone more annoying without the record to back it up than Khaki Pants since he came back to college?


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Started on my own rant about this, but you did such a good job, I just want to say Well Done. Florida folks reading this are saying 41-15


    • tbia

      Clayton Kershaw was an underclassman in high school also I believe.


  3. Pedro

    Hopefully Fields has given up just tucking and running, otherwise he may not make it to the Michigan game.


  4. ChiliDawg

    I can’t take these rankings seriously with Florida in the top 10.


    • dawgtired

      If the rankers are paying attention to recruiting (reloading) as a means to add to their confidence, they are not paying attention to the ‘rats-of-the-sinking-ship’ event happening in Florida. They must be going with ‘coach-in-the-second-year’ meme after a 10-win first year thingy. I’m thinking UF will disappoint this year…and I couldn’t be happier if they did.


  5. Trbodawg

    What’s with the “points” column ? More is better in the first chart and less is better in the second? What does it all mean???? :-\


  6. Mayor

    I just don’t get the love for FU. To me the Gators are behind Mizzou. Third in the East. Number 8 in the country? No way!