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Tough times in the 404

Boy, if you thought Geoff Collins faces a rough time this season with the changeover on offense, David Hale says that ain’t the half of it.

How many people are gonna be ticked at Kirby if he doesn’t outdo 51-7 this year?


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Out of business

Hell, the NCAA just wasted its time changing the rule.


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How you like me now?

As of yesterday, tickets for Alabama’s blockbuster opening at MBS against Duke were as cheap as $26 before fees on one resale site with hundreds less than $30.

Methinks Nick ain’t gonna be thrilled with the crowd for this one.


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A little taste of Dawg porn

If you’re wondering how Zamir White is progressing in his rehab, here’s a ten-second look for you.

The cut and spin move at the five-second mark is certainly encouraging, but we won’t know what’s in his head until Zeus faces live action.  That being said, Ron Courson remains the man.



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The Process can never fail. It can only be failed.

I think it’s a fairly widespread feeling among our fans that, for whatever reason one might choose, Georgia didn’t show up against Texas in its final game of last season.

My pick would be the disappointment of having to settle for a top tier bowl game instead of the CFP semi-finals.  Georgia went from being a team that most considered one of the nation’s four best to one that couldn’t get past a Texas team that dropped a game to Maryland.  The stakes, in other words, weren’t big enough to hold the players’ attention.

While there’s a certain echo in that to a game earlier in Kirby Smart’s career, Alabama’s embarrassing loss to Utah in the ’09 Sugar Bowl, what’s kind of interesting is how the Tide has gotten to the point where losses on even the biggest stage are blamed on mindset, instead of the quality of the opponent.

In response to that, Dan Wolken makes a good point.

Ohio State beat Alabama, 42-35, in last season’s Sugar Bowl, advancing to the College Football Playoff national title game and eventually winning the national championship.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban is obviously still a little sore about that loss, and he’s not too happy with … the NFL Draft?

Saban said Wednesday at SEC Media Days that with his players receiving their NFL Draft grades from the league two and a half weeks before the Sugar Bowl, some of them played not to get hurt in that crucial game against the Buckeyes. He even went as far to say that those draft evaluations screwed with the Tide’s team chemistry.

I don’t know if you should chalk that up to arrogance, being jaded or simply a weird form of player motivation, but, damn, I hope Georgia never reaches that stage.


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Your Daily Gator is irate.

Georgia self-reports a few Level III recruiting violations — Level III means very minor, as in, “one of the violations involved a school staffer bringing a student athlete down onto the field for a few minutes during the schools annual G-Day game” — and as you might expect, some folks at Alligator Alley ain’t having none of that.

That’s just very small violations. I mean I’m pretty positive they are dropping MAJOR bags, but we are also dropping bags. Just like every other program.

The ones that aren’t angry settle for some well-placed envy.

For a program that continually reeled in top 10 recruiting classes since the early 90’s, I would like to know what’s been in our bags since 2014.

If we have been dropping bags, Kirby’s over here making it rain on these cruts, while we are handing out goodie bags filled with lollipops and finger snacks.

For some reason, I find myself really looking forward to this year’s Cocktail Party tailgate.


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Running Back U

So, this happened.

My first thought is that Todd Gurley is way too modest.

My second thought is how quickly we forget about Garrison Hearst.

My last thought is that picking only three is really tough.

And yours?


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