How you like me now?

As of yesterday, tickets for Alabama’s blockbuster opening at MBS against Duke were as cheap as $26 before fees on one resale site with hundreds less than $30.

Methinks Nick ain’t gonna be thrilled with the crowd for this one.


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  1. MGW

    Probably have more Bama fans in Durham if they did a home and home. Just sayin…


  2. Castleberry

    I’d bet most of those are in the Duke section. Crowd will be 85% Bama. Wonder how well Virginia will travel next year. Maybe a way to save $ for Georgia fans.


    • Beer Money

      UVa may have 5,000 fans there. And given that it’s on Monday night when everyone will have to get up and go to work the next day plus the ridiculous face prices already set for this game (similar to those of the aforementioned Duke game), UGA fans would be wise to wait this out and buy on the secondary market…particularly if they don’t care where they sit.



    I can’t believe they agreed to play Duke there, I also cannot believe UGA agreed to the VA game in the Benz either….I suppose both Coaches are happy.


  4. I won’t be ordering UVA tickets next year through UGA. I definitely will be on the lookout for tickets on the secondary market.

    I wish I hadn’t ordered Sugar Bowl tickets last year for the same reason.


    • Castleberry

      Guessing that’s not the only reason 😦


    • PTC DAWG

      Sugar Bowl that is a non championship/playoff game has always been that way. FSU/UGA game I bought 2 club level tickets on the street one hour before the game at 25% of face.


    • stoopnagle

      Man, I feel your pain. My MO has been to pre-order all NY6 games so the AA can show those committees we will travel. But after the bath I took the only pre-orders for me will be CFP games.

      And I’m not paying $200 to see us play UVA. I’m going, but there’s no way that game is going to cost $120 let alone $200.


  5. Athens Dog

    Going to keep happening more and more.


  6. JCDawg83

    What marketing genius came up with the idea of Duke playing Bama at any venue? Georgia/UVA in Atlanta is equally asinine.


    • Argondawg

      A little easier to sell that place out for UGA fans because of location. A lot of folks can go to the game and then just head home. No need for hotels etc. I havent seen UVA play in person since 98.


    • Tony Barnfart

      This. Hell i’d enjoy actually going to Durham and seeing my team in a small intimate venue…. Bama went to Duke several years ago i think. Should have again.


    • Texas Dawg

      But it is a P5 program on the resume instead of directional U. They may not be any better then a G5 team or upper tier FCS team, but that is what is coming. You still need your cupcakes as warm ups, but they have to be P5 to check the boxes. Me thinks teams like Duke, Kansas, Rutgers (and if they continue their decline UT and FU) etc are going to be in high demand in the years to come


      • Mayor

        ^^This. When VD was HC we always opened up with an OOC team that was a major college but not a top team. Oregon State, Cal, Baylor, UVa (UVa beat us once-ugh!), UNC, etc. Once in awhile we’d play a difficult opener (I saw Georgia play BYU in Athens with Steve Young at QB) but most of the time it was a middling team. I still think that’s the right way to do it.


        • Bulldog Joe

          We lost a few of those openers, too. Wake Forest, Pittsburgh, and Tulane come to mind.

          We also opened with some conference games during those years, too. Tennessee and Alabama come to mind.

          I’d rather have top 25 or conference opener. It makes for a more focused and urgent summer camp. I’m pulling for Virginia to have strong 2019.


  7. Well. hurricane Michael cat 5 survivor living on Emerald coast. I’ve never been to Georgia Florida. Looked at tickets yesterday something around $500 a pop. I don’t think I’m ever gonna get to go


    • Russ

      Once the Gators get beaten down a bit before Jax the prices will go down.

      And I hope you get everything sorted out down there. Y’all got hammered and everyone seemed to forget about it.

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    • MGW

      Ain’t gonna cost you anywhere near $500 to get into that stadium. Don’t care of the teams are ranked #1 and #2 heading into it.


  8. FlyingPeakDawg

    It’s only because there is no good tailgating at MB. They should hold the game in Mobile so folks can golf, tailgate and serve the Gulf Coast fanbase and businesses better.


  9. Bulldog Joe

    The rest of the 3:30 games are underwhelming, too.

    Duke vs. Alabama (in Atlanta), ABC
    South Carolina vs. North Carolina (in Charlotte), ESPN
    Georgia State at Tennessee, ESPNU
    Idaho at Penn State, Big Ten Network
    Holy Cross at Navy, CBS Sports Network

    We’re better off tailgating in Nashville.