Your Daily Gator is irate.

Georgia self-reports a few Level III recruiting violations — Level III means very minor, as in, “one of the violations involved a school staffer bringing a student athlete down onto the field for a few minutes during the schools annual G-Day game” — and as you might expect, some folks at Alligator Alley ain’t having none of that.

That’s just very small violations. I mean I’m pretty positive they are dropping MAJOR bags, but we are also dropping bags. Just like every other program.

The ones that aren’t angry settle for some well-placed envy.

For a program that continually reeled in top 10 recruiting classes since the early 90’s, I would like to know what’s been in our bags since 2014.

If we have been dropping bags, Kirby’s over here making it rain on these cruts, while we are handing out goodie bags filled with lollipops and finger snacks.

For some reason, I find myself really looking forward to this year’s Cocktail Party tailgate.


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  1. TimberRidgeDawg

    So many bags in Georgia, they fall out of armored trucks on I-285.

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  2. dawgtired

    Ummm…”dropping bags”? I heard about the $100 handshakes that Saban and Kirby made at Bama, but not the bags. I wonder if the prize of the handshake has gone up. It’s been a few years since I’ve heard any news on it.
    Of course it could be all about what the program has to offer…nah, it has to be the bags.
    And keep those recruits off the lawn!!!


  3. For a program that was put on 3 years of probation for 107 violations in 1985 and 2 years of probation in 1990, accusing others of dropping bags is an amazing lack of self-awareness.

    Of course, since all of that happened prior to 1990, it doesn’t count because college football didn’t begin at FU until then.

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    • practicaldawg

      Florida football history runs from 1990-2010. Anything outside that range should be thrown out, including the hugely lopsided win-loss records with traditional southeastern powers.

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  4. GruvenDawg

    Last year apparently we paid $$600,000 for Fields and he was a perfect match for a Mullen offense. Mullen wouldn’t let their bull gator boosters match UGA’s offer.

    These guys are delusional. I will admit I never understood how Saban at Bama and Meyer at UF and OSU could stack 5*s like cord wood every year. The truth was stated earlier this summer on the blog. Good players want to play together and they want to be prepared for the NFL preferably in 3 years. Championships are just the cherry on top. Right now we are lucky to be one of those programs kids want to go to.

    On another note I want Kirby to DRILL UF this year.


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  5. I remain utterly bemused by any CFB fan, particularly one with an allegiance to a team in the South, that believes with all their heart that their team is pure as the driven snow and all their rivals are damn dirty cheaters. Spoiler alert – bagmen are everywhere.


  6. Had to read all comments before posting… #FTMF


  7. dawgxian