Mr. Conventional Wisdom is chicken soup for Greg Sankey’s soul.

This, I predict, is going to be a real hoot, promising way more than it can ever deliver.

Well, except for letting the folks in charge feel good about doing something.

Uh hunh, right, Tony.  That will make it all better.

If Barnhart didn’t exist, Greg Sankey would have to invent him.


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19 responses to “Mr. Conventional Wisdom is chicken soup for Greg Sankey’s soul.

  1. spur21

    LOL “If Barnhart didn’t exist, Greg Sankey would have to invent him.”


  2. Derek

    Anybody know how to forward all the bogus calls from the 2018 SECCG?

    You’ve got:

    the face mask/blow to fromm’s head.

    The late hit out of bounds vs. Stanley

    The assault of Ridley on the second to last play.

    Hold, after hold, after hold, after hold…


  3. Argondawg

    Ran into him downtown at lunch a couple of weeks ago. He is fancy and he has had some work done. It was different.


  4. Jeff

    Is this Penn Wagers new Twitter handle?


  5. bulldogbry

    It should be required reading for all SEC fans to read the comments to the “Hello World” tweet. Comedy gold.


  6. Xon

    Hey so here’s a thing that happened. The other morning SECN on Dish said it was showing 2001 Ole Miss / Arkansas. As a matter of fact, it was showing 2002 UGA / South Carolina. They did a whole long thing about Pollack’s endzone interception (it’s the entire moment for which this game was chosen as a classic, clearly). And Steve Shaw is there explaining on how he frankly was very relieved he’d gotten the call right. It looked clear to him in the moment, but it all happened so fast, etc. 2002 was before replay, so if he had said incomplete pass then we would have had to live with that. And we won the game by 6 and the offense never scored a TD etc.

    So, does them getting that call right make up for stuff like the Sanks “fumble”? I’ll hang up and listen.


    • FlyingPeakDawg

      The element of sustaining a curse and conspiratorial bias is to occasionally feed the victim a few morsels to allow an element of doubt to seep in. Do not succumb to this…we are cursed AND there is a league conspiracy against us!


  7. HiAltDawg

    And I thought my Twitter account was the worst thing about social media (not to be confused with my assorted trash replies on this blog)


  8. 79Dawg

    At least he waited until after the public announcement to post his ass-kissing article though….


  9. Mayor

    I understand the program. The SEC is all about Bama all the time. Period. The SEC refs do the bidding of the suits in Birmingham. I don’t know who said it first but it is the truth: “In order to beat Bama you have to beat them AND the refs.” So true. So fucking true.


  10. practicaldawg

    The LSU crazies that truly believe the SEC conspired against them in the TAMU game will surely be convinced and take their pitchforks home


  11. The comments to the FIRST “Hello World” tweet from that account are already a shit show. This is going to be a wild ride. LOL. (Also, I followed the account immediately.)

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  12. Capt. Tony of the S.S. Obvious and greg…souls separated at birth, only to be found again, in a brotherly broth kinda thing…..

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  13. WNCDawg

    I don’t care how many answers they, come up with or have responding to their Twitterverse. It can never undo the things I have seen. Perhaps I am a homer Dawg, but with all respects to Larry Munson and his quote of we always seem to have problems stopping these guys with three names……. Steve “Blindman” Shaw, Greg “Birmingham” Sankey and “Conventual Wisdom” Barnhart.
    Perhaps the Dawgs would be better off to let “Phat Phil” and 4 “Food City” clerks ride around Sanford in the giant shopping cart they used at the NASCAR race in Bristol. I am not sure Lulu and Phil would fit in. Weight restrictions might be in order but I am sure the Dawgs would benefit just as much from them as they would get from the ESPN suits in Birmingham.

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