Musical palate cleanser, getting (what’s left of) the band back together

So, imagine you’re somebody enjoying a Paul McCartney concert at Dodger Stadium when this happens:

I don’t know about you, but I would’ve gone nuts.  A bit ragged, to be sure, but for all that, still totally awesome.


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6 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, getting (what’s left of) the band back together

  1. A buddy that I was in Korea with 52 years ago went and loved it!


  2. Atticus

    Amazing how a 77 year old can fill stadiums. You think he is a legend? 🙂


  3. Yeah, a little rough, but a goose-bumper.


  4. Athens Dog

    Outstanding. Thanks Senator


  5. Muttley

    I was at the Hollywood Bowl in 1993 when Ringo walked on for “Hey Jude” (though he only sang). It was super-rare for any two of them to appear together at the time.


  6. Dawg Vegas

    Saw Sir Paul 2x this spring (Raleigh & Greenville), and he’s still doing 30+ songs every show (where the Stones unfortunately only do about 20). He is still phenomenal live, and I too would lose my sh@t if I saw Ringo come out and play with him.

    Not quite as intense, but seeing Dhani Harrison open for ELO a week or 2 back was fantastic. Watching him singing his dad’s parts on Handle With Care with Jeff Lynne left me speechless, to say the least.

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