Your Daily Gator got paid.

Whatever hopes the Florida Gators have for the 2019 season just went up in smoke with this news:

The Red Sox announced the signing of five players in advance of Friday’s deadline including Florida quarterback Feleipe Franks, who will be assigned to an affiliate team at a later date.

Franks signed with Boston for $40,000, according to the Boston Globe, after being selected by Boston in the 31st round (No. 947 overall) of last month’s MLB draft despite not playing baseball for the Gators this season. Franks played baseball at Crawfordville’s Wakulla High and was rated the 500th player in the country prior to his senior season, according to Perfect Game.

In a statement after he was selected, Franks said he was flattered by the selection but added he is, “living out my dream being the quarterback of the Florida Gators” and is getting ready for the upcoming college football season.

I mean, obviously every Gator offensive lineman is going to be consumed with jealousy over Franks making bank and them not receiving a penny, amirite, amateurism romantics?  Poof, there goes your team chemistry.  Pass protection is going right in the toilet from where it was expected to be… oh, wait.



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7 responses to “Your Daily Gator got paid.

  1. Trbodawg

    If the UGAA were to create a semi-professional weight lifting team (or tiddly winks, or whatever) could they then award ‘signing bonuses’ to promising athletes of that sport who just happen to also participate in another sport, football, basketball?


  2. Nashville West

    The baseball money didn’t seem to bother Murray’s o-line at oklahoma. But we are talking about the slimy reptiles…


  3. Cojones

    How is this supposed to bother other team players if one of their team gets a baseball offer? Weak sauce, Senator. Why don’t you bring up summer jobs and comparing salaries of each player? What a stretch!


    • Someone here once posted that this is a problem:

      Reality is where this question’s answer lies and it would be better to see how you would get “fair” pay to such a disparate group of people with differing values to their sport. C’mon, Senator, break out your levels of compensation that will be fair and not impact the sport at all so that we may see your solution to what many of us see as tangled enough not to approach it.

      Yes, getting paid for their likeness is fair because the market dictates what they will receive and that compensation doesn’t impact each position and part of a college team nor does it get into a bidding war for a student’s services.

      Tell me, O Great Compensation Guru, why are some third party payments a problem, while others aren’t?


  4. Chris

    FYI, there’s a lot of smoke about more UF suspensions and possible Title IV implications floating around the interwebs. Unsubstantiated, but interesting to see if Mullen gets asked about it today on his media day apperence.



  5. practicaldawg

    Well Franks better take out a $40K injury policy now


  6. I’m confused does this mean that Franks is going to win the Heisman? Baseball contracts worked for Murray and Chris Weinke. I believe Felipe will have problems that involve lack of talent not the green eyed monster of jealousy. He’s a big boy but no one throws well from their ass. Besides $40,000 is chump change to most of the kids sponsored by Bull Gators.