Dialing 911 in the 404

David Hale, speaking truth to lack of power:

There ain’t enough lipstick in the world to pretty up that pig.  That’s probably one reason why StingTalk has gone back to being a password-protected message board.


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19 responses to “Dialing 911 in the 404

  1. Jim

    Those are the kind of stats you get when you task a linebacker with covering Mecole…

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  2. 81Dog

    The pencil necks are going to get scattered, smothered, covered, and chunked all season. I can’t wait to see what kind of ticket packages they’re offering by October 1.

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  3. dawgtired

    It will be beautifully ugly for them this season…a step down from mediocrity. It will take a few years before they get back to average in the ACC. I excited about playing them without worrying about our D-line’s knees. I’m expecting to put some serious high-score butt whooping’s on them for several years to come. Life is good.


    • PDawg30577

      The “step down from mediocrity” comment got me to thinking about a rock band analogy for Georgia Tech. Under Fish Fry, they wouldn’t have been a headliner or even an opening act for a headliner, but they might could have gotten the occasional gig serving as the opening act for those opening acts.

      This year? They’ll be that guy on the street corner with a bucket who plays a kazoo and a wash tub with a stick and string attached.


      • HiAltDawg

        Damn, Dude, you must really hate the, umm, thinking, thinking, rock band analogy, am I stumped, gotta think of something, I can do this, why did I start this reply? The Spin Doctors!
        Damn, Dude, you must really hate the Spin Doctors!


  4. tbia

    If I was a Techie looking on the bright side, I would say that they should improve because they will finally see real passing schemes in practice.

    Of course, then I would look at the qbs trying to run those schemes in practice…


  5. Russ

    What? No more Stinktalk? Dang.


  6. stoopnagle


    Smithers! Release the hounds!

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  7. JCDawg83

    I think tech is going to upset someone this season. I’d love for it to be Clemson but I think NC State, Miami or Duke is more likely. I’d also love to see the Citadel beat them at the joke by Coke.


  8. practicaldawg

    Yech’s opponents would be wise to verify that their scoreboards can show triple digits before the season starts.


  9. Hunkering Hank

    Georgia Tech May be the best high school team in Georgia this year.


  10. Saxondawg

    Orlando Sentinel ranks the whole NCAA and places Georgia Southern above Tech, those Tech is still edging out Georgia State, even in a rebuilding year. Stingtalk is having its way with David Hale. His analysis is WRONG because just because. When he cites statistics, it’s even more WRONG. DB is the best position group on the team, they say. Because recruiting. And because the DB are the DL’s fault because something.


  11. When performing the “flag boy” technique disguising it’s self as engineering…your stadium gets down sized as to make the POS wreck being driven right by onto the grassed area of the stadium appear larger than it really is…