Legacy request

Hear the man’s plea, Dawgnation.

A statue at least, for cryin’ out loud.  Git ‘er done, Butts-Mehre.


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33 responses to “Legacy request

  1. Derek

    “We’re live from Walker, GA, a city in Herschel Co., and home to the University of the Goal Line Stalker.”


    • W Cobb Dawg

      There’s already a Walker County (suburb of Chattanooga). Just re-name the county seat Herschel instead of LaFayette. It would infuriate the utk people in the area and gladden the hearts of all Dawgnation.

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      • Austin

        As a resident of Walker County I fully support this. However, LaFayette is not worthy of such an honor, how about my home “town” (community) of Flintstone be changed to Herschel instead? It is closer to Tennessee than Lafayette and might put us on the map.


  2. ugafidelis

    I think a statue of him breaking by with Bill Bates lying on the ground looking for the license pate number of the truck that just hit him would be most glorious.


  3. You would think they would spend some money and have the Hershel Walker ‘experience’ somewhere in the stadium – and a statue outside.

    Staggers the imagination


    • Got Cowdog

      The Herschel Walker Experience? You mean like standing on a square of astroturf while a machine swings a 220 pound concrete block into you at 15 miles an hour? That sounds like fun.
      Even better… a virtual ride where you sit inside Herschel’s helmet while he runs through the opposing team. You get to pick the team and playcall. Now THAT sounds like fun.

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  4. Salty Dawg

    Any other college would have had a statue for him decades ago if he had played for them. Meanwhile at UGA… crickets…as usual.

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  5. Georgia Way gonna Georgia Way.


  6. The Georgia Way

    Rest assured, if Mr. Walker donates the money, we will put one up.


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  7. Sides

    No point in building a statue. They will have to tear it down when someone inevitably accuses him of doing something inappropriate.


  8. Get the statue on campus. I think every major award winner should have something, but the Heisman and Maxwell (I think Trippi won it) winners at a minimum should have a statue.

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  9. Gaskilldawg

    Greg McGarity will organize a booster group to fund it. Donors will get bunches and bunches of Hartman points and away and post season ticket priority and the AA will spend zero from its money.


  10. Uglydawg

    Name the Spring Game the “Oh You Hershel Walker!” game. Have him return the first kickoff with the recording of Munson blaring, “There goes Hershel, There Goes Hershel! (with a no-contact jersey on..we wouldn’t want him to hurt anybody)…every year. Have him MC the game…and while we’re at it, name some stuff for Larry.


  11. Sanford222view

    The statue should be Herschel leaping over a goal line pile.

    AND…for the love of all that is sacred, can we please show the man the respect he deserves and spell his name correctly. It is in the post. All you have to do is copy it. I realize Auburn fans struggle spelling “Bo” but we are supposed to be better than that and can spell the greatest college football player’s name correctly. It is “H-E-R-S-C-H-E-L” Walker.

    Sorry but that drives me crazy.


  12. Pedro

    He’s the greatest player in college football history, the main person responsible for our last national championship, and a living legacy for the program. A statue, A building, a field, several days, a department…something should be done to honor The Man.


  13. Hobnail_Boot

    Don’t hold your breath.

    UGA is the only school in the SEC that downplays its history. Hell, we don’t even publicly claim all of our national championships.