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More one-sided than bringing a knife to a gun fight

I’m not posting this to defend Jeremiah Holloman’s behavior, or to knock Smart’s decision to dismiss Holloman from the team.  I would have done the same thing Kirby did, and just as quickly.  But I’m not gonna lie and say this little tidbit doesn’t bug me a little:

The victim didn’t file a police report until June 2, 2019, more than a year after the incident occurred on the day after the 2018 G-Day Game at 4 a.m. on April 22.

Holloman agreed to speak with the University of Georgia Police Department on June 6.

Later that day, without legal representation, Holloman confessed to striking his former girlfriend after an argument grew physical in his dorm room.  [Emphasis added.]

The article doesn’t note if he was told he had the right to speak with a lawyer, but I can’t say that really matters much.  You’ve got a football player going up against what Jimmy Williamson built and that’s hardly a fair match under the best of circumstances.

I guarantee you that isn’t how it works at most SEC schools.


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The words that sent Justin Fields packing

… weren’t uttered by Adam Sasser.

They came from this guy.

Maybe Fromm doesn’t have the gaudiest stats in the country, but I can’t think of another quarterback starting this season who’s run off two five-star players from his program.  That’s a good enough resume in my book.


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Your next pair of sneakers

A reader alerted me to Nike’s next offering, coming July 22nd:

Screenshot_2019-07-17 Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Georgia Men's Running Shoe - Hibbett US

That’s not bad looking at all.

Like everything else football related these days, the price keeps going up.  This one’s $130 for the pair.  Like what you see?


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