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Today, in things you never thought you’d hear

Well, now.


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Off into the sunset

Jim Delany sounds like exactly what he is, somebody on the way out of a job with zero fucks to give anymore.

Get a few drinks in him and I bet he’d offer an equally interesting take on desegregation.



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Communication breakdown, Mason-Dixon edition

This is pretty funny.

Welcome South, brother.  Makes you wonder how well Bobo is understood out in Colorado.


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SEC on CBS: “A bidding war is coming.”

Here’s a fantastic deep dive by Andy Staples ($$) on what’s coming as the current broadcast deal nears its end.

Three basic points of consideration:

  • The property is significantly undervalued by current-day standards.  “The SEC title game commands the highest percentage of the transaction, but CBS pays $55 million a year for a 15-game package of the SEC’s best contests. That averages out to $3.67 million a game for a product that probably could command more than five times that price on the open market now.”
  • Certain Johnsons are being measured.  “In fiscal year 2018, the first year that included its most recent media rights deal, the Big Ten made $759 million. The SEC made $660 million. The biggest reason? The SEC is severely underpaid for the most valuable package of games in college football.”
  • There is a non-monetary value to CBS being the broadcast partner.  “That exposure had helped turn the SEC from a regional brand into a national one, and Slive and Gerber considered it critically important to keep that platform available to the league.”

I can’t imagine the conference is willing to compromise on any of those three issues in the upcoming negotiations.  If there are likely to be three main bidders in CBS, ESPN and Fox, which of the three is most likely to give the SEC what it wants in return for what might very well be the crown jewel of college football broadcast deals?


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Banner bleg

I’ve thought about making this request before, never have, but what the hell…

Lord knows I’ve gotten a ton of appreciative comments about the blog’s banner, as well as plenty of questions about its origins.  All I really know is guesswork, which means not much.

Anyway, I’d really like to know something more definitive about the story.  If there’s a reader out there who knows Coach Dooley, or anyone else who was present when the presser occurred (I assume that’s what was going on there) and can get him/her to open up about what went down, I’d love to hear about it.

Not just about the Godfather, either.  Somebody’s got to tell me about that shirt Dooley’s wearing.  Inquiring minds want to know, and all that.



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Your Daily Gator has its priorities.

This is hilarious — an Orlando Sentinel article that posits Dan Mullen has a way to go to reach Steve Spurrier’s level… on the golf course.

Here’s hoping Mullen spends the time he needs to close that particular gap.


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BREAKING: Noted control freak objects to loss of control.

Nick Saban wants you to know he’s okay with the transfer portal, except when he’s not.

“If we’re going to have a transfer portal that’s good for the players, then we ought to have a rule that says regardless of what happens when you transfer, you have to sit out a year,” Saban said. “That’s how it’s been for years and years and years. All right. And now we have, I don’t know — at one point in time there was 65 waivers that were given. So everybody’s expectation is I can transfer and get a waiver. And I don’t think that’s a good thing.

“So, we make commitments to players for four years. They make commitments to us to be in our program. It may not work out for everybody, and they may have a better opportunity someplace else, but if they have to sit out for a year, it would be a consequence for them in terms of their commitment.”

There’s an “All right” in there, so you know he’s serious, but, really, arguing that making the players sit out for a year is somehow for their own good while in the same breath labeling the delay a consequence for them makes for some Olympic-level mental gymnastics.  Even more so coming from the guy who mastered the art of roster management a decade ago.

The sad thing is there’s a valid point to be made about the waiver process being too subjective, leading some kids to overestimate their prospects.  It’s just that Saban’s so focused on how he’s personally inconvenienced he plows right over it.  Color me shocked, shocked by that.  The only real commitment Nick Saban believes in is the commitment to Nick Saban.


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It’s better to burn out than to fade away.

Interesting quote from now-ACC Network analyst Mark Richt ($$):

Although he did not mention his health as a reason for stepping down when he met with reporters at Miami’s spring game in Orlando back in April, Richt on Wednesday did cite a heavy workload as part of the reason he quit.

“Long story short, I really didn’t do a great job taking care of myself physically,” he said. “You can get into a grind of the job. I’ve coached, I guess, over 30 years. When I left Georgia after 15 years as head coach, I probably could have used a little decompression break at that time or at least considered it. I just kind of wore myself down to the point where I got a little concerned about the pace I was going at.

“And I also cared about Miami. I felt like maybe someone else at this point in time would do a better job than I was. Going into the final game, the bowl game, it was running through my mind pretty heavily.”

Two thoughts on that:  one, I keep saying this, but there’s a fascinating book to be written on the inside story of the last two years of the Richt regime at Georgia.  I only hope somebody’s gonna write it.

And two, every time I see a coach talk about the grind of the job, I cannot help but marvel at people like Saban and Bill Snyder who seem immune to it.  Of course, it helps immensely when you’re not fighting your administration to get your job done.


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TFW you’re on a losing streak with Vanderbilt

Shorter Jeremy Pruitt:  Vol fans, don’t blame us for the program’s lack of competitiveness; blame the SEC.



Coach, I think you misspelled “gloat”.


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A bargain at twice the price

What do you get when you average the asking price on StubHub of 2019 regular season college football tickets?  Something like this:

Everybody wants to cash in these days, so why should season ticket holders be any different?  Maybe we should thank Kirby for improving our ROI for season tickets.


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