A bargain at twice the price

What do you get when you average the asking price on StubHub of 2019 regular season college football tickets?  Something like this:

Everybody wants to cash in these days, so why should season ticket holders be any different?  Maybe we should thank Kirby for improving our ROI for season tickets.


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7 responses to “A bargain at twice the price

  1. illinidawg

    I’m torn on my extra ND ticket. I could take a friend who really want to go or pay for both my season tickets by selling one.


    • Macallanlover

      It is never a mistake to enjoy a special moment with a friend, imo. I won’t say you cannot put a price on that, because the extremes could get absurd, but I have always found that thought to be true. The memories last forever.


  2. ETDF

    I feel like ND skews this average.


  3. KornDawg

    I feel like these numbers are skewed somehow. I know ND raises the average, but to $487? My seats are in 337, if I could sell my season ticket package for $250/game, I’d have a hard time refusing it.


  4. DawgPhan

    That doesnt make sense.

    You can get in the door of every UGA home game for $200 on stubhub, except for the ND game which is closer to $600.


    Maybe for only certain sections or games. decent seats or something, but the get in the door average is probably less than $200 on stubhub and closer to $100 on the street.

    Still a good bit higher than ticket resale values from just a few years ago.