BREAKING: Noted control freak objects to loss of control.

Nick Saban wants you to know he’s okay with the transfer portal, except when he’s not.

“If we’re going to have a transfer portal that’s good for the players, then we ought to have a rule that says regardless of what happens when you transfer, you have to sit out a year,” Saban said. “That’s how it’s been for years and years and years. All right. And now we have, I don’t know — at one point in time there was 65 waivers that were given. So everybody’s expectation is I can transfer and get a waiver. And I don’t think that’s a good thing.

“So, we make commitments to players for four years. They make commitments to us to be in our program. It may not work out for everybody, and they may have a better opportunity someplace else, but if they have to sit out for a year, it would be a consequence for them in terms of their commitment.”

There’s an “All right” in there, so you know he’s serious, but, really, arguing that making the players sit out for a year is somehow for their own good while in the same breath labeling the delay a consequence for them makes for some Olympic-level mental gymnastics.  Even more so coming from the guy who mastered the art of roster management a decade ago.

The sad thing is there’s a valid point to be made about the waiver process being too subjective, leading some kids to overestimate their prospects.  It’s just that Saban’s so focused on how he’s personally inconvenienced he plows right over it.  Color me shocked, shocked by that.  The only real commitment Nick Saban believes in is the commitment to Nick Saban.


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24 responses to “BREAKING: Noted control freak objects to loss of control.

  1. mwo

    So now he is saying a scholarship is a four year commitment?

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  2. NCDawg

    And how about making coaches sit out a year after transferring. It would only be fair.


  3. Gaskilldawg

    Yeah, Nick should have sat out a year after leaving Michigan State for LSU, then sat out a year after reneging on his commitment to the Miami Dolphins to take the job at Alabama.
    Obviously he needed a consequence to teach him the nature of a commitment.


  4. Biggen

    Agree with him. It will slow down this transfer madness if they are forced to sit a year.


    • Aren’t there less hypocritical ways of accomplishing that?


      • CVegas Dawg

        I don’t know what the right answer is but something needs to be done to legitimize the process. Sit a year, don’t sit a year but it grinds my gears that Fields got to transfer without sitting and Ford did not. Tie it to my love for UGA and my need for teenagers to make the same choice to stroke my ego if you want to, but the process has no sense of justice IMHO.


        • My suggestion would be to remove all subjectivity from the deal. Give undergrads one free bite at the apple, with no appeals process, so once you use your immediate transfer, any subsequent move comes with sitting out a year. Then give grads the same deal.

          Kids will have to think before they jump and coaches gain some degree of certainty. Not to mention players like Ford don’t have to get screwed.

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          • JCDawg83

            I’d say give undergrads the one free bite and then have to sit a year with no exceptions each time after that. For grads, they should be free to do whatever they want after they earn their degree if they have eligibility left.


          • Tony Barnfart

            I think 1-free-bite in a 4yr world translates into a one-sided compromise. How many people are going to want to transfer twice anyway ? How many schools are going to be particularly interested in a 2 time transfer ?


    • Do you think you should have to sit if your scholarship isn’t renewed?


    • Macallanlover

      I agree with almost every take he has ever spoken of on the best, long term well being of the game. Always thinks through things well with a view of the big picture. Changing the rules for a player’s singular interest when there are other reasonable options available is catering to a selfish interest, imo.

      Grad transfers are the only ones who should be automatically granted immediate playing time. I always agreed with granting undergrads exceptions for special circumstances, but the NCAA has totally botched that provision, and I don’t know how they get the ship righted now.

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  5. Coming from the man who has probably run more players off than anyone else, that’s priceless.


    • Derek

      He also spoke of the import of honesty.

      From the guy who said:

      “I’m not going to the coach at Alabama.”

      “Jonathan Taylor’s admission to Alabama has nothing to do with football.”

      Fuck that guy.


    • TXBaller

      Bama has nine in the portal leading up to camp….CRICKETS!


  6. WNCDawg

    A athletic scholarship can not be issued for 4 years. Scholarships are renewed on one year increments. That scholarship can be recended or cancelled or reduced at the end of anyone one of those four years. Sometimes scholarships are cut in half or quarters and the student has the option if available for student loans through state or government funding, or pay their own way.
    Saban came up with the grey shirt year. Unlike the redshirt rule where the student athlete must fund his own way and still perform athletically for the school.
    Some scholarships are so that you sign up every semester, therefore you could be eligible in the fall and due to numbers, GPA, attitudes, personal issues and be off scholarship for spring semester.
    Hell of a deal if you can continue to work your ass off and somebody is more athletic than you. Where Coach says “Son, we really don’t need anymore kids at your position”. This also might be advised to go on try your skills at the next level whether or not you think your draft position is in your favor.
    Not sure but a few Dawgs that ended up free agents might really rethink and say you know Athens is really nice this time of year.


  7. GruvenDawg

    Saban: Hey you kids, Get off my lawn!

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  8. I agree with his sentiment that the waiver situation has spun out of control a bit, particularly since they aren’t consistently applied.

    I don’t agree with flipping things back the other way with a blanket “everyone sits out a year” policy. There are some players who truly need and deserve waivers to the sit out rule.

    There needs to be a way to take the subjectivity out of the waiver process. Probably can’t do it entirely, but I think requiring a lot more transparency around the decision making process (what factors weighed in an individual athlete being granted a waiver) would help.

    If the NCAA is required to provide sound documentation for granting a waiver, they might get better at consistently applying the policy.


  9. UGA '97

    BS-Liar, Spin, Poker Face & Shit Eating Grin, all wrapped in his one expression here. The transfer portal gives Saban hundreds more eligible-to-play roster options than he ever had before. This is new inventory and recruiting territoy and he loves it, and just like the whining about hurry up & spread, he figured it out and now averages 45 pts per game. He just wants more time to figure it out…and he will.


  10. DawgByte

    Good for Nick. Speaking truth to the media. I know it’s hard for some people in today’s society to handle the word ‘commitment’, but good things can happen to players when they overcome adversity. Are there mitigating circumstances? Yes and Luke Ford is a good example. His grandfather is ill and he wanted him to be able to see him play.


  11. All of little nicky’s indifference with the transport portal is for the ears of those under “the saban umbrella”…the coke bottle will give the next saban alert statement


  12. Mayor

    The subjectivity of the waiver is a legitimate concern. I favor giving every transfer a one time waiver and if they transfer again they have to sit out a season or go the JC route. Of course still allow them to transfer to FCS or D-II schools and play immediately.