Communication breakdown, Mason-Dixon edition

This is pretty funny.

Welcome South, brother.  Makes you wonder how well Bobo is understood out in Colorado.


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12 responses to “Communication breakdown, Mason-Dixon edition

  1. Greg

    LOL!….definitely a different dialect in south Georgia and parts of Alabama. I’d say he has adjusted somewhat in Colorado……but it seems to come back out after a beer or two, at least that is what my wife tells me.


  2. mwo

    Good thing Lynch never played for Ed Orgeron?

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  3. Pedro

    Every time he speaks on the tv…
    Coach o (spoken in deep muppet voice) “don en dis chere bayou (blabbety Cajun blah. With more blah). Geaux tigers”
    My wife (at least 8 times now) “is that guy serious?”


  4. Greg

    ME…ME, ME, ME!! On the flip side, she does understand & can now speak south Georgian since 1st meeting me. She has that going 4 her….😉


  5. Russ

    I believe this is a good time to remember Coach Kines

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  6. Cojones

    Before moving back from Ca, my wife (who was raised in the Philippines) had never been in this part of the country, so I taught her a phrase from Richard Pryor that I’ve found points out the humor in our unique accent. Told her that if a stranger was at the door when I was gone, tell them : “Yall bettah git ‘way frum ’round heah, dis is Miistuh Gilmo’s land.”. She worked at it and worked at it (in jest), but could never put the Southern pronunciation to half the words.

    She has; however, enlightened locals at social gatherings by offering them more ice for their drinks and made the distinction for them that she wasn’t speaking sexually.

    Think I’ve mentioned this before; my wife’s mother was Filipino and that they consider themselves to be Polynesian and her father was American. I’ve told her that her answer to the ethnic background question on questionnaires was that she is Amnesian.


  7. Olde Dawg 78

    And it’s our problem that Lynch can’t talk right?

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  8. waterloodawg

    Lynch was a DGD. I enjoyed watching him give it his all. The camera would zoom in on him after a catch and show him running his heart out and I would think, damn he’s going to score form 50 yds out cause he’s wide open!!! Then it would zoom out and show him getting run down and fall forward for an 8 yard gain. Anyway, I’m glad there were subtitles so I could understand him.


  9. j4k372

    Is this funny?


  10. Nashville West

    Coming to UGA from California it was a toss up as to who was harder to understand, my roommate from New York or a professor I had from South Alabama.