Off into the sunset

Jim Delany sounds like exactly what he is, somebody on the way out of a job with zero fucks to give anymore.

Get a few drinks in him and I bet he’d offer an equally interesting take on desegregation.


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5 responses to “Off into the sunset

  1. Is it bad of me to hope a meteor hits Jim Delany squarely in the head when he walks out of his office at the B1G for the last time?


  2. Trbodawg

    The linked story is from 2007, did you remember that, or did scroll through your “Big Ten Football” tag? If it was pure memory, congrats. I find it hard to remember what I wrote/said yesterday, much less 12 years ago.

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  3. Anonymous

    You are getting to be as bad at mind reading as Derek and Chilidawg.

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