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“There’s a great tradition and a unique tradition that’s present there.”

When it comes to the Cocktail Party, will nobody think of Greg Sankey?

The SEC’s contract with CBS for its television package with the league expires in 2023.

“I think fundamentally it’s a staple of that package,” Sankey said. “That’s one of those games I think every year when we show up when they print the schedule—boom-Georgia and Florida in Jacksonville is part of that schedule and it tells you the importance from a broadcaster.”

The Georgia-Florida game is a fixture on the CBS schedule at 3:30 p.m. in late October or early November no matter the records and impact on the East race.

“This is just woven into the fabric of college football,” McGarity said. “It’s a game that the entire nation sees. It’s one of the highest rated games every year.”

Chances are the game wouldn’t be penciled in to the CBS 3:30 p.m. time slot each year in the summer if it went home-and-home. If one of the teams is down like the Gators were two years ago, there’s a chance it would be bypassed.

“I’ve never talked to CBS about location, but I think we all recognize that there’s something special that exists in that rivalry and that location,” Sankey said.

Sankey said he has not weighed in with Georgia or Florida on the future site of the series.

“These locations, just like Texas A&M and Arkansas in Dallas, are left to the institutions but we also appreciate great traditions in this conference,” Sankey said.

I have no idea what kind of weight, if any, the television contract carries here.  But I’ve got a feeling Sankey’s going to have some feedback on that precise point from CBS by the time Georgia and Florida roll up their sleeves to deal with Jacksonville on the game’s future there.  And that means the city will, too.


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