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Brad and Gary preview

If you’re looking to get in the SEC mood, here’s the CBS duo with some early takes on the upcoming season.


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SEC Media Preseason Poll

It’s about what you’d expect.

Although I think we’d all like to meet the person who picked Tennessee to win the SEC this season.  Or at least get a taste of what he/she is smoking.

If you’re interested in seeing how many Georgia players made all-conference teams, here you go.

The only team to exceed Georgia’s eleven selections is… well, do I really need to tell you?  (If it makes you feel any better, Alabama only had one more player named than did Georgia.)


UPDATE:  Here’s the vote breakdown for the division:

That looks really close.


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When they tell you it’s not about the CFP…

It’s about the CFP.


UPDATE:  Also, Danny Kanell is bored.


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If you can beat them, join them.

Holy Mother of Crap, this is some development.

Attorney Tom Mars, who emerged in recent years as a powerful force in college athletics, will become an investigator with the NCAA’s new Complex Case Unit, multiple sources told Yahoo Sports.

The Complex Case Unit, which is scheduled to come into being next month, was a recommended reform by the Condoleezza Rice-led Commission on College Basketball last year. The group is expected to be comprised of a combination of external investigators and members of the NCAA enforcement staff that is tasked to handle the more complicated and large-scale investigations of potential NCAA rules violations. The CCU’s first cases could well be related to the investigation of corruption in college basketball, which started with a federal probe and has since transitioned into an NCAA undertaking.

If Mars is as formidable at this as he was at procuring transfer waivers, I can think of some schools that ought to be seriously nervous.


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“So I can still see James Brown…and then he started moving…”

I got a couple of responses to my banner bleg post yesterday, and while they’re not exactly on point, they’ll certainly do until exactly comes along.

The first came from Jason Hasty, who specializes in Georgia athletics history at the Hargrett Library.  (And if I can take a moment here to digress — Dawg fans, if you don’t already know this, you are lucky to have an incredible resource chronicling Georgia football in the Hargrett Library.  If that’s of interest, make yourself familiar with it.)

Jason spent time with Coach Dooley compiling an oral history and as part of it, touched on the making of “Dooley’s Junkyard Dogs”.

Dayum!  Impromptu.  Completely impromptu.  I can only imagine how Dooley took that in on the spot.  (Too bad nobody filmed that whole scene.)

I still find it a shame that UGA has chosen to shunt James Brown aside.  Here’s one of the most influential musicians this country has produced in the last half-century, a Dawg fan who created an iconic song about Georgia football that’s not even a footnote at games anymore.  It would seem that the least the school could do is play the song at the season opener when they dedicate the field to Coach Dooley.

But I digress.  Again.

Oh, the shirt?  Jason has something about that, too.

If I remember correctly (and this might be in the video or it might have been in private conversation), Coach Dooley mentioned to me that he always had trouble finding ‘G’ logo clothing, so he found Gucci with its ‘G’ and bought a lot of that to wear.

To think that if Gucci had played its cards correctly, it could have been Nike before Nike.  Ah, well.

I am grateful to Jason and his good work here.  You should be, too.

Many thanks also to reader Boz, who spoke with a friend in the athletic department who independently confirmed the above.

And if there’s anyone out there who can tell us anything about the banner, I’m still interested.


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It just means more, until the rent’s too damned high.

Georgia offers a five-game mini plan due to visiting team ticket returns.  Three of those games are against conference opponents South Carolina, Kentucky and Missouri.

You’d think only one conference visitor buying out its allotment in full might be some indication that things aren’t completely rosy, but that’s why you’re not an SEC athletic director.  Ignoring dark clouds is part of what they pay those guys the big bucks for.


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Next time, just say you don’t want to pay ’em.

Hey, amateurism romantics, Tom McMillen’s got your back.

In case you didn’t know, ol’ Tom is “the President and Chief Executive Officer of the LEAD1 Association, which represents the athletic directors and programs of the Football Bowl Subdivision.”  Of course he is, bless his heart.

My favorite part of that spiel is that it wasn’t enough to load the deck with “collectively”.  (For the players that is — coaches and administrators are presented as an either/or option.)  He had to throw in “after tax-basis” to make the numbers work.

If this is the best argument schools can come up with to justify the status quo, sheesh.  Embarrassing.


UPDATE:  I have a bona fide violation of the First Rule of Holes to report.

Speaking of compensation, whatever they’re paying this clown, it’s way too much.


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