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Out of the mouths of national title-winning babes

Trevor Lawrence realizing that PAWWWLLL!!! is an asshole and Finebaum’s finding his hot topic until the season starts is a win-win for both, I suppose.


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“If he did that outside the football field, he’d have been in jail for three years.”

Aaron Murray doesn’t care for Nick Fairley’s thuggery in the 2011 2010 game.

… That was actually the first time in my life I was like ‘I don’t know if I want to play football anymore.’ I’m not kidding either,” Murray recalled. “I was on the sideline, and I had six stitches; my jersey’s covered in blood; I had a fractured sternum and can’t feel the left side of my body. I got whiplash in my neck, and I can’t really move my neck. I was like ‘Is this really worth it? It’s my freshman year, I can quit now and save myself a lot of punishment.’

“I had to sit up sleeping the next two weeks. I couldn’t even lay down. It was tough.”

The most disgusting part of that was watching Trooper Taylor and his towel-waving celebration of Fairley’s behavior.  But the refs deserve the bulk of the blame for letting things get to the point where Georgia’s linemen felt the need to retaliate.  And retaliate Ben Jones did.

“Ben Jones ripped the dreads off the middle linebacker’s head. … I’m in the huddle and have a fractured sternum (from Fairley’s hit), Ben hands me the dreads in the middle of the huddle. I’m like, ‘Ben, what do you want me to do with these?’ I have to call a play in like 10 seconds. So, he sticks them in his pants, and then, at his house in Athens, he attached it to the ceiling fan,” Murray told the show.

I wonder if Ben still has them.  He’s the kind who might.

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“At some places, they celebrate eight wins.”

And at Auburn, they pay you seven million dollars a year to win eight games.


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TFW the bullshit detector goes to 11

Ladies and gentlemen, the most eye-rolling comment of 2019:

Congrats to Gunnar for making it such a tight race.


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