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Econ 101 is your friend.

Check out this take on why Georgia regular season tickets currently command the highest average ticket price for home games based on available tickets at StubHub.

The other thing to remember with this ticket price is expenses. Georgia’s coaching staff salaries went up 42 percent from 2012 to 2017. The data from the last two years has not been calculated by the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, but you can bet it is above 50 percent since 2012.

UGA’s athletic budget is ranked sixth in revenue ($157.8 million) among major colleges with expenditures $119.2 million, according to USA TODAY data.

In 2018, Kirby Smart was the sixth-highest paid coach in the country at $6.6 million a year. His staff ranked sixth, too, at $6.4 million.

Dude, meet Mr. Supply and Demand.  The secondary market doesn’t give a rat’s ass what Jimmy Sexton squeezed out of Greg McGarity.  (If it did, Alabama and Clemson would be at the top of the list.)




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We run this state’s snark.

When he’s responsible for inflicting the two highest passer ratings on Georgia Tech’s defense over the past two seasons, I guess this is what passes for Jacket witty repartee about Jake Fromm.

And even that gets a sweetly delivered “bless your heart” from Jake’s momma.


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Fan Day PSA

Never let it be said that Butts-Mehre is completely lacking common sense.  This is a good idea.

Georgia’s 2019 Fan Day will have a different feel compared to previous events under Kirby Smart.

It’s set for August 3, which will be the third day of the Bulldogs’ preseason camp and according to release from UGA Sports Information, it doesn’t appear as if it’ll the accompanied by an open practice. Instead, fans will get the opportunity to enter Georgia’s “House of Payne” indoor practice facility for an hour’s worth of autographs from Kirby Smart and players.

No photos with Smart are players are allowed but fans will get the opportunity to pose with Uga X at a different location, the Richard B. Taylor Room connected to Stegeman Coliseum.

Inside on a hot August day is smart.  Only an hour for autographs, though — hope they’ve got those lines moving as efficiently as a Georgia practice.


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A little weekend Dawg porn

Sounds like somebody’s excited about somebody.

The Georgia quarterback compared the freshman’s potential to one of the all-time greats to ever play receiver for the Bulldogs, per CBS Sports’ Brad Nessler in a radio interview with 92.9 FM The Game’s Chris Goforth. 

“Pickens especially kind of lit (Fromm’s) eyes up — (Fromm) said Pickens could be ‘the next A.J. Green,’” Nessler said about his recent conversation with Fromm.

“I said ‘Come on, you haven’t even thrown him a pass yet.’ (Fromm) said, ‘Yeah, but I am going to …”



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