We run this state’s snark.

When he’s responsible for inflicting the two highest passer ratings on Georgia Tech’s defense over the past two seasons, I guess this is what passes for Jacket witty repartee about Jake Fromm.

And even that gets a sweetly delivered “bless your heart” from Jake’s momma.



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11 responses to “We run this state’s snark.

  1. The Fech Barstool is the lamest on the interwebs. Any time they post the UGA Barstool absolutely owns them.

    It’s like StinkTalk without the password and the banning moderators.





  3. McTyre

    Well, Tech Nation IS the go-to source for guidance on sartorial sensibilities for college athletes and coaches.


  4. The Black Irish

    He hilariously doesn’t say anything about Tech’s odds of winning the game against The Dawgs. He knows what everyone else in Georgia does… that for all of Collin’s BS swagger they don’t stand a chance of winning at Mark Richt field this year…Or next… Or the next 5. I don’t give a damn if he wears clown shoes and an ascot, he will eat Techs secondary alive again.


  5. Macallanlover

    I would post some shat on that site too if I thought Mama Fromm would spank me! 🙂


  6. truck

    Lol at “you’re the first woman to speak to them.”


  7. Jim

    I wasn’t a fan of the bow tie (I hate them in general). But a nerd making fun of the dressing habits of the QB that has owned them is pathetic


  8. Cojones

    Kudos to Lee Fromme and it’s the pleasant rebuke that sweeps the feet off the floor and dumps you on your butt.

    Did you check out her blog and the posted ACC rankings for positions? I had no idea that Tech was a resounding last in the ACC and how they ranked at each position. Knew they were bad, but that’s the lowest I’ve ever witnessed for GT. And now they become the sports media idiot children of the world, owned by our QB’s Mother. Suddenly, she’s a fashion maven!

    Can’t even begin to tease my nephew, a Tech grad. It’s too embarrassing.


  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    It’s a pre tied model with a strap that goes around the neck, but not a clip on. Only a Tech fan with a booger in his fingers would wear a clip on.

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  10. Tech and Barstool are the two vilest sports entities around.

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  11. stoopnagle

    Teck out here acting like 1990 is recent history.

    Their shit makes the Gators decade old trophy look good.

    Both of em riding that losing streak to you know who.

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