Adios, and thanks for the twenty million.

If you missed Jim Delany’s farewell whinefest from last week, you missed an erroneous pot shot he took in Georgia’s direction.

Well, seeing as Georgia won its division, it’s no wonder Delany is puzzled.  He’s also, not surprisingly, full of crap.

Regardless, this is a good point by Jimbo. Imagine a world where a Big Ten team (like, say, Penn State) won the conference, but yet was ranked behind another Big Ten team (like, say, Ohio State) that not only was a divisional runner-up, but lost straight-up to Penn State.

Now obviously, that’s all hypothetical, but just imagine a world (say, the year 2016) where that happened. I’m sure at the very least Jimbo would have argued in favor of both teams making the College Football Playoff. There’s no way he would have only argued in favor of the divisional runner-up, and then when his conference champion was snubbed, would have said the committee got the four teams right.

No way that would have happened.

This is where you wind up when you’ve spent your entire career twisting yourself in knots over a college football playoff.  Now, the man can’t quite bring himself to advocate for an expansion to an eight-team field in order to give his conference an easy in, so he’s left to grumble impotently over the lack of respect the Big Ten has from the selection committee.  (Not to mention Georgia deserved to be ranked ahead of Ohio State.)

But at least the Big Ten Network’s raking it in, Jim.


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6 responses to “Adios, and thanks for the twenty million.

  1. Every time I think my detest of the soon-to-be former B1G commissioner has found its bottom, Jimbo finds a way for the shovel to keep digging.

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  2. Doug

    If Jim Delany caught a severe case of crab lice, my sympathies would be with the crabs.


  3. Dawg19

    Since Ohio State won it in 2014-2015, no B1G team has managed to score any points in the College Football Playoff.


  4. UGA '97

    Jim is Robert Deniro in Cape fear drowning and mumble-bubbling in his own incoherent logic…good riddance dude. The past is over and done. the BIG 10 & its network provides plenty more money to theirs schools than the SEC, so perhaps their new Commish is looking to adopt “Because Its Just Not Enough…” as their motto.


  5. Macallanlover

    Big Jim must have gone to ohio, or maybe just got infected by their fan base, because he is a pompous prick. And has been since he first got exposed by the media attention.


  6. Cojones

    Arrogant asshole. He deflected the SEC’s rise to prominence years ago by pointing at the three or four Big 10 teams that were generally featured each Saturday for years past. He fostered continuance of the Pac-10/Big-10/Rose Bowl cabal that cut the SEC out of competition for West Coast victories and recruiting after WWII. He thought he could influence us into expanding to more teams and showed his nawthon ignorance by thinking we followed anything they did. He whispered to the NCAA as to how great they deserved to be on modern Saturdays and, like a GOB, fawned his Big 10 past history all over ESPN.

    Good riddance to a #1 Class Asshole who wasn’t worth a grain of salt for the good of college football. Adios, mf.