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It makes too much sense for the NCAA, so no go.


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  1. jrod1229

    The NFL gives free rides to players and yet players still get DUIs etc. It’s because they are too scared of the repercussions of using the tool because of the wrath of their coaches. (Yes I’m sure some of it is stupidity, but that would exist in college too)

    What makes us think it’d be any different if this was the same in college (where more of the kids are underage)?


    • Uglydawg

      If only one kid uses it it’s worth it.
      In the Navy, corpsmen would stand by the gangplank and hand out condoms to sailors going on liberty in the far-eastern ports.
      Most wouldn’t use them. Some did. A few days later, at sea again, which group do you think was putting grip marks in the urinal plumbing as they tried to pee? Who went to sickbay and had their names called out over the ships speakers when it was time for a follow up (small arms inspection)?
      If the coaches make it miserable enough for the ones who don’t Uber..and actually praise the ones that did the wise thing, it will work.
      But I agree with makes way to much sense for the NCAA to implement it.


      • ilini84

        Short arm. In the Army they would make you fall out in formation with nothing but a raincoat and the pecker checker would! Of course there was that rumor of the “black sift” and the island where they sent you for life if you got it.


    • California dawg

      There’s no one-stop solution to this type of thing. College kids are going to be college kids. Hell it’s a miracle I never got a DUI after some ridiculously stupid decisions I made driving to/from downtown (while underage mind you). A free Uber/Lyft system for players might not put an end to player DUIs, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.


      • The other Doug

        Yep. Free Uber/Lift for all the students on Friday and Saturday nights would be smart.


      • Cojones

        And doesn’t it ask the question as to what is the count of students doing the same thing that you and I did in school? On a weekly basis, the number would probably astound us, yet, the football players in general get caught which may mean that the number that didn’t get caught would probably astound us also.

        A social visit downtown without dates should rely on the buddy system or, at least, a non-drinking student that’s not a student athlete could be called for help and a lift.


    • The military has ride programs and no one uses it. It ain’t like they arent taking your name.


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    Here’s how the NCAA would respond to Uber/Lyft:

    -Are you a current sponsor of NCAA athletics?
    -Do you plan on becoming a major corporate sponsor while comping our lavish meetings upcoming?

    If ‘no,’ please refer to your answer as our answer as well. If yes, the answer still is no…but maybe we could be persuaded with additional sponsorship. And remember it’s all about the students.

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  3. St. Johns Dawg

    It’s fairly well known that the mantra to UGA athletes from Butts-Mehre is “nothing good happens in downtown Athens after 10 pm”. Kids gonna be kids anyway, so we still get the occasional incident/arrest. A special car service might prompt more downtown participation/shenanigans … But in truth that stuff will happen anyway because … knuckleheads. It’s a well-intentioned idea but not sure it would have the desired effect.


  4. DawgPhan

    What if we just gave the players the money that you would spend on the uber service and let them make their own decisions.


  5. TXBaller

    I’m sure everyone has Bryant Gantt’s cell # in case of “ride needs” after hours. Those that choose to use are wise….those that don’t, well……..


  6. Trbodawg

    It would have to be a benefit available to all students. Here, at UC Davis, the school funds a “TIpsy Taxi” van that will pick up anyone, anytime, student or not, if they’ve been drinking and call for a ride.


    • Students can ride the Night Bus at worst. It picks up right in front of the Arch and goes to every residential community on campus. In today’s environment at UGA, between the bus system, ride-sharing, and some student organizations with pickup services, there is absolutely no reason for a student to get a DUI.


      • PTC DAWG

        I was thinking Night Bus myself. We used to get on it at Russell with a cold 12 pack..Night Bus Party. 🙂


  7. JasonC

    Now this is a “We need your money fund” I think I and a lot of us could support if McGarity asked (read: unnecessarily relied on the fans for).


    • The Georgia Way

      Rest assured, our current shakedown methods for students, student-athletes, families, and boosters are much more profitable.



  8. JCDawg83

    First, I don’t think the NCAA would allow it because regular students do not get it and it would be deemed an “impermissible benefit” if the school or AA paid for it. Second, it would only work for rides around Athens. I seem to recall several DUIs that happened away from town. Other than those two issues I think it’s a great idea.


  9. Billy Joyner

    Admittedly, it was a long time ago, but when I was at UGA there was a student volunteer group that offered free rides to any student who needed to get home from downtown


  10. Hunkering Hank

    How bout one for all students!?!?

    Your tax dollars at work.


  11. ilini84

    Plenty of these guys are underage, you think they are going to drop the dime on themselves?


  12. ElectroM

    Use the money from alcohol sales at the stadium and other venues, make available to all students and I think you would get plenty of support from people.


  13. FlyingPeakDawg

    If Mudcat’s car emerges from an alley and an intoxicated football player in the back seat gives his name to the police officer, does McGarity suspend the whole football program?