I, along with others, thought that Clemson did a sharp job taking what Georgia did against Alabama in the SECCG and using it to their advantage in the national title game.  Some of that was the aggressive way both teams attacked Alabama’s secondary, but some of it was also the way both teams played pass defense.

It’s easy to say Tagovailoa’s injury was the reason for his poor showing against the Dawgs, but that discounts the tactics Smart and Tucker came up with to confuse his reads.  (After the national title game loss, they knew they had to design something different, right?)

You have to figure that’s something Saban will have his staff working on hard, and with those receivers, there’s no way we should ignore the possibility that Tua figures a lot of that out this season.  But I’ll sure be curious to see what Georgia’s staff dials up in response, assuming there’s another meeting around the corner.


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  1. That was good stuff right there.


  2. dawgman3000

    Now, if Kirby and Lanning can somehow confuse Bama’s back up qb…….

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    • Greg


      Seriously, it was more about personnel than confusing Tua imo. Mixing the coverages up certainly helped, but losing Walker REALLY hurt. The results of that game boiled down more to just confusing Tua…..playing musical chairs with the QB didn’t help either. Also, Clemson kept their foot on the gas…we didn’t.

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  3. Mayor

    Agree with the linked piece but you cannot forget what Clemson did to Bama with the passing game on O. Nicky got out coached on both sides of the ball by Dabo.


  4. Greg

    Hopefully we’ve learned. I understand the reason we slowed it down and become more conservative. But that does not work against Bama. Gotta keep on keeping on…..they have too many athletes/players and Saban. They’ve also been there before, they have confidence in overcoming the odds. Clemson got it right, stuck with what got them there….kept twisting the knife.


  5. Cojones

    I just love this subject because it brings the mental part of the game to fore and a coach’s career depends many times on how the chess match is changed during a game. That’s where the importance of lower tier coach’s and analyst’s input come in to play for the outcome of the game. It is much more interesting reading as to how a coach’s philosophy and game plan can be changed due to events on the field than it is reading about a particular player or his game play determining the outcome. This subject also points out how much pure luck (or lack thereof) influences the game. We should remember this after every game’s outcome.

    Most of all, it proves that Saban can be had.


    • Macallanlover

      The influence luck plays into the equation is why I don’t hang my hat on the MNC or bust bandwagon. To be clear it isn’t pure luck, you have to be good to get into that position to win a championship. UGA was in position three times this century to win titles, imo, the 2002, 2007, and 2017 teams were as good as any of the top teams those specific years. Winners, and losers, saw their fortunes turn on a play/call/injury either way. None of those were choked away, simply went the other way. Keep hanging around that neighborhood of elite teams and we will get our share, love the position we are currently in.


  6. UGA '97

    or Joe burrow.


  7. California dawg

    Goddamn we really should have won that game.