Musical palate cleanser, right on edition

Truth:  it is impossible to watch this live version of “Shaft” without a shit-eating grin on your face.


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3 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, right on edition

  1. noseanmorono

    Glad you put this here, I was thinking of the theme song when you penned:

    “That Sam Pittman is a bad mother…”

    Watch your mouth!

    But I’m talking about Coach Pitt!

    Then I can dig it…


  2. Boz

    I was expecting a nod to Poppa Funk Art Neville, RIP… The Meters are essential to any catalog and though Art retired from playing a few years ago, the remaining members are still out bringing the funk. George Porter Jr carries the flag and I was fortunate enough to see three different renditions at Jazzfest in May. Don’t let the opportunity pass without seeing them while you can.


  3. Spike

    Still so cool after all these years..”Can you dig it?”.. But what the heck is he wearing? 🙂