Why it’s hard to take coaches seriously on the transfer portal



Of course, Eason had to sit out a year.  Maybe that’s what Petersen means by “old-school”.


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  1. Otto

    Eason didn’t use the portal to start some place the next year. He paid his dues for the decision waited a year to compete for playing time at a new school. I don’t see the big deal. The transfer process worked.

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  2. Bulldog Joe


    Eason has not yet earned the starting job at Washington. He is competing with another Jake.


  3. MGW

    All this tap out amateurism romanticism BS would make a lot more sense if there were no NFL and if CFB weren’t the de facto development league for it. Given that it does and CFB is its dev league, how can you make the argument that a kid shouldn’t do what gives him the best shot at a career in the NFL?

    D1 CFB can’t be both. You want to focus strictly on building character and developing young men for careers in things other than sports? Go coach FCS or below. Till then accept that a major part of your job is developing young men for the NFL, and that’s why 99% of the kids you coach are playing for you. You can’t be upset at them for it.

    It isn’t your fault you coach in a de facto minor league, but likewise it isn’t their fault they have to play for you or someone else in your league if they want to eventually play in the NFL.

    They’re not tapping out by transferring. Staying on your team knowing they’ll never start would be tapping out.

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    • Otto

      By the same logic, students should not have to take classes outside of their major, and lost credit hours due to transfer would be a thing of the past.


    • I do believe that is $ome “major league” dollar$ being thrown around to $ome college football coache$…as echoed here before, the coach leaves, player should be allowed to transport with no penalty. Hardship’s kinda sorta, no penalty. Bagman skipped a “visit”…yes to a penalty……


  4. Macallanlover

    Peterson isn’t wrong, life isn’t always about soft landings. Lessons of life is what college is about, these guys have choices, decisions have consequences. And this is the age where they need to see it, if they haven’t awakened to it yet.

    You can wrap in a wave of sympathy all you want, but it isn’t like these are tough circumstances these scholarship athletes are living in. They live in privileged circumstances. Might be a viewpoint you cannot accept, but there are other opinions. Many of us see it the way Coach sees it.


    • MDDawg

      If they’re old enough to attend college and they haven’t yet learned that decisions have consequences, they’re already behind.

      If Peterson really wanted to teach these kids a lesson, he could’ve not accepted Eason as a transfer, told him to stick to his commitment to UGA and keep fighting to win back the starting job.

      It’s all BS. They all whine about kids leaving via the transfer portal, never about the kids they gain via the portal. Add in the fact that they can’t restrict where a player transfers anymore (which they technically never could, they restricted where a player could receive financial aid from), and it’s the end of the world!

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      • Macallanlover

        Expressing an opinion against for reasons you believe in doesn’t mean you don’t have to protect yourself until things change. I don’t believe in mandatory seat belts for adults, but I wear them. Many laws, rules, customs, that people should work to change if they feel change is needed. I feel he is dead on this, you apparently don’t. BTW Eason sat out the year which has been the rule except in situations where there are supposed to be justifiable personal reasons. Eason had a choice to: 1. remain at UGA, transfer to a JUCO, 3. transfer to a lesser division 4, transfer to a D1 school and sit out for one year 4. leave UGA and prepare for professional football on his own, or with a coach/trainer. The current controversy over the portal doesn’t seem to include his situation, I have heard no one bring it up in any recent discussions regarding the portal.

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  5. UGA '97

    Welcome to the hotel california.

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  6. It would be interesting to know how student athelete retention rates compare to that of the student body overall. That might provide evidence or at least a talking point regarding consistency at an institution benefiting the student athelete.

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  7. Mayor

    Is it a requirement for playing QB at UDub that your first name is Jacob?

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