Offensive lines matter.

Here’s your stat of the day.

Bet Jake’s rating improves this season, too.


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  1. 92 grad

    Hmm, no Goldilocks?


  2. SpellDawg

    Bama lost 3 OL starters and has a new position coach. Sure, they have 5*s waiting to fill the holes, but we look the better at this point…


    • Greg

      Agree, look better overall on offense imo. Thinks Fromm will prove he is the best QB in the nation this year…..but he has nothing to prove to me, I think he already is.

      At the risk of repeating myself, the biggest difference between Bama and the dawgs is the 3…or 4 down linemen on ‘D. Just do not feel as though they have played up to their potential as a group.


  3. siskey

    I watched the 2017 SEC Championship game last night and while my biggest fear has revolved around the D-Line, I think that if the Edge guys play up to their rankings and hype then UGA will be better this year than the last 2 years. Fromm is only going to be better and if the O-LIne continues progressing then he will make stars out of whoever is out there at WR.


  4. That stat will get better but who is catching the damn ball.

        On a tangential matter.....Just read some of the Holloman police report. and In his incriminating  statement to the police was the best line. " she was the same size as him"  I somehow always thought the starting football players didn't have to sink that low in the dating/sex pool. It appears,I was wrong and its still undefeated.


  5. kfoge

    I cannot wait to see Swift this year, I love Chubb and Michel but I think Swift has some other X factor…maybe its that cut-step, it will be fun to watch him all year, especially healthy from the beginning.

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  6. charles harris

    Not impressed with Scott as D line coach. I have a feeling he won’t around if they don’t dramatically improve this year.

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  7. practicaldawg

    QB crootin’ should be getting easier


  8. Evan Gatchell

    Curious to see how Fromm’s passer rating changes with Coley.

    Feels like Cheney liked to call a lot of low-percentage pass plays (fades, back shoulder, etc) to WRs. Assuming Coley utilizes the tight ends more, I am curious to see how Fromm responds.


    • Meh, Chaney threw a ton of WR screens. Jake has had plenty of easy passes.

      Chaney may not have been a world beater, but he wasn’t trash either.


  9. Forever dawg

    I know this has been hashed over forever. But, I was watching one of the throwback games on SEC Network earlier this week. Bama v LSU I believe. The announcers said:

    “this offensive line has been called for a holding penalty in 37 quarters” or something along that line.

    If your line gets to play by a different set of rules than everyone else, Hey, your quarterback has clean pocket.


  10. potatodawg

    IMO, the O line will be judged on their ability to dominate in goal line and short yardage situations! Last year was not good ( 7 plays against Florida).