Help me, Jim Chaney. You’re my only hope.

One other takeaway from that Connelly piece is this bit about Tennessee’s offense:

Guarantano pulled off Herbert-esque numbers despite living life with one of the worst run games imaginable.

Not even including sacks, 32.6% of Tennessee’s rushes were stuffed at or behind the line, worst in FBS. Only 41% of the carries gained at least 4 yards (119th). The Vols ran the ball constantly (and predictably) on early downs — their run rate was 64% on standard downs, nearly 5 percentage points higher than the national average — and all it produced were lots of second-and-11s and heavy pass rushes when Guarantano was looking to make up ground.

When he had time to pass, though, he did well. His passer rating was 152.0 on second downs and 150.4 on third downs with between 4 and 9 yards to go.

New offensive coordinator Jim Chaney is one of the better coaches in America when it comes to crafting a system around the standout talent he has at his disposal. Sometimes that means a run-heavy approach, and sometimes it means a lot of passing. With Guarantano and almost his entire receiving corps back (including a hell of a wideout trio in Marquez Callaway, Jauan Jennings and Josh Palmer), I’m guessing Chaney leans toward the latter.

The run game won’t be any better, if for no other reason than it’s highly unlikely the UT offensive line will be any better.  Jim Chaney’s got a bunch of lemons, so we’ll see what his lemonade making skills manage to whip up.


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17 responses to “Help me, Jim Chaney. You’re my only hope.

  1. Love the Star Wars reference … excellent work, Senator.

    On the topic, how much of a 2nd year bounce happens when you are on your 2nd offensive coordinator and, as head coach, you turn play calling over to a DC who has never been a DC before?

    Think about Kirby’s bounce. Some of had to do with having players especially good experienced players returning, and a lot it had to do with staff stability. I gave Chaney hell that first year, but I’m not sure we get the height of a bounce if Kirby hadn’t kept the band together.


    • Although a Jabba the Hutt reference may have been more appropriate

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    • Bulldog Joe

      Off the topic, how much of a 4th year bounce happens when you are on your 2nd offensive coordinator and, as head coach, you turn play calling over to a DC who has never been a DC before?


      • California dawg

        Damn, your question certainly gives me pause.

        Is anyone else a bit nervous about the youth on our coaching staff? And Coley having never called plays solo in the SEC? Say what you will about Chaney, I feel he was a more than solid choice for our first-year defensive minded head coach – a seasoned OC who has been around the SEC block with no head coaching aspirations. I didn’t necessarily want him to stick around forever, but I sure hope Kirby knows what he’s doing with Coley/Lanning.


      • Kirby has said he’ll have his hand in the defense just as he did with Tucker.

        I get the OC question. Coley has said as much as nothing is going to change.

        OTOH, Chaney is bringing in a new system to players he didn’t recruit. The last time that happened I saw Isaiah McKenzie running toss sweeps with the
        2nd best running back in Georgia history lines up as a fullback.


  2. DugLite

    If the game plan isn’t working I hope the Vols know that there won’t be an alternate plan. It’s gonna be a long year for the Vols.


  3. Mad Mike

    He won’t be whipping up a serviceable goal line offense, that’s for damn sure.

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  4. charles harris

    Pruitt needs to make sure to get him a comfortable seat in the booth and keep the cream filled donuts coming!!!


  5. Mike Cooley

    And here I was thinking it was a Ricky Bobby reference. “Help me Jim Chaney! Help me Jesus! Help me Jewish God!”. What jumped out at me was they ran a lot and ran predictably on early downs. That ain’t gonna change under big Jim.


  6. Classic City Canine

    We’ll see how things play out but I have a hunch that Chaney was playing under Kirby’s thumb a bit, plus he had 2 freshmen at QB plus #1 and #27. That’s a recipe for running the ball. My guess is Chaney adapts a little at UT and I hope Kirby updates his offense but I am not holding my breath.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Chaney can’t work miracles – and that’s what utk needs. 2016 was worlds different. He had a good nucleus of talent at UGA (Sony, Chubb, Wynn, a few other offensive players who are in the nfl now). He had long time co-worker Pittman as OL coach. He had Lambert returning – who was considerably more successful than Guarantano at that point.

    Despite the rosy predictions, I think its safe to say utk will be in a battle for last place in the sec east.


    • GruvenDawg

      Chaney’s first year at UGA the team was more talented than this years team in Knoxville. That OL is very young and not a ton of depth with all the medical DQ’s up there. Trey Smiths health determines if that team is going to have a serviceable O line.

      Guarantano better get that ball out fast. Seems like Chaney will have to adjust his routes because a ton were to the boundary and not a lot of quick hitters other than the behind the line throws to Mecole. Not sure they have a Mecole/McKenzie type WR to carry that load up there. He does have the benefit of not coaching a upperclassman QB which he never had a chance to do at UGA.


  8. ChiliDawg

    The Chaney move still confounds me. The only way I can explain it is that he wants to retire soon and is treating it as an opportunity to cash out with the most possible $$$.

    As far as what he manages to do with that offense, idk, but I wonder if he’ll be allowed to run it how he wants or if Pruitt will be micromanaging.


  9. Bulldog Joe

    Mike Leach would have found success with this offense, but Vol fans can thank Fulmer, Beverly Davenport, and themselves for squashing it.


  10. Salty Dawg

    “Currie called Tennessee fans ‘wacko’ as they protested the Schiano hire.”

    hahahahahahahaha! Ya think? Wacko is only the beginning to describe Jr and LuLu!