“That’s bullshit, Mike!”

Just when you think there aren’t any more classic Mike Leach stories to tell, along comes a new one ($$).

In addition to helping his boss Hal Mumme set offensive records at Iowa Wesleyan, Leach had proven to be quite adept at his new job, doubling as the school’s SID and spreading the gospel about the Tigers. The 28-year-old Leach even got them mentioned in USA Today several times. The only problem was the school’s Director of Public Relations who oversaw Leach’s job as the SID didn’t appreciate the national attention from USA Today. In her mind, the SID was supposed to write a press release about the game’s outcome, and because this was in the days before email, Leach was to mail that release to the papers around the state. Her system made no sense, Leach thought.  The mail wouldn’t go out until Monday and the papers wouldn’t receive it until Tuesday or Wednesday. By the time they got the score, statistics and information on the game, it was no longer relevant. Because the information was so untimely, they wouldn’t write a story.

Leach had a better idea, he says.

He’d call the main newspapers locally with their score from Saturday so that their readers — and Iowa Wesleyan’s recruiting targets — would know how the team did.

The Tigers were breaking all kinds of school records and led the nation in passing.

“I kept reaching out to the USA Today, and soon they began writing about us,” Leach said. “Well, someone tells her that her school is in the USA Today and she gets all flustered. She calls me screaming: ‘How dare you contact the USA Today?’

“Mike, I know you’ve been talking to other newspapers, and that’s bullshit. I told you that you have to write a press release and mail it out, so that it’s fair for everyone. So everyone gets the information at the same time. It’s not fair to the weekly newspapers. I know for a fact there was an article in the USA Today about Iowa Wesleyan.”

That manages to explain so much about Leach as well as the kind of people embedded in college athletics administration.

I had no idea he created the term “Air-Raid”, either.


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  1. MGW

    Sounds about right. Leach does more with less and the administration is angry at him.

    I’m predicting Wazzu makes the playoff, then Leach gets fired “for cause” because of some crap like a state senators kid didn’t make the team or something.

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    • Derek

      You forget the part about them getting their asses kicked in the playoff in the interim.

      Leach has won zero championships. No reason to think that’s going to change. A non-conf. champ wazzou ain’t getting in.

      He’s CPJ but with passing and without the rings.


      • Chadwick

        Who would win bigger at GT? Leach or CPJ? My money would be on Leach.

        Pullman, WA is quite the high school football hotspot.

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      • Sides

        Maybe he didn’t win a championship but look what he did at Texas Tech. Ever been to Lubbock? The last coach parlayed a .500 record into an NFL head coaching job (and an OC job at Southern Cal before that). You may not like Leach but he can coach.

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      • JasonC

        Derek, thanks for proving Leach’s point. Not sure if you’re a silver spoon guy or a general dumb@$$, but you missed the point of the story.

        Btw, if I overstepped my boundary, why don’t you tell me where the previous coach or school PR manager is now.

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        • Derek

          You’re just a dumb fuck who thinks I responded to the story.
          I was responding to the comment, idiot.


          • Corch Irvin Meyers New USC Trojans Corch (2020)

            No, you’re just the guy who consistently acts like an asshole.

            If you keep walking into rooms and everyone’s an asshole Derek, that means you’re the asshole.

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      • Gaskilldawg

        Leach’s team a few years ago was Big 12 co-champion.


  2. ChiliDawg

    In fairness – you’d never expect an administrator at a school like Iowa Wesleyan to be forward thinking. Kind of the opposite.


  3. Corch Irvin Meyers New USC Trojans Corch (2020)

    Love me some Mike Leach. The comparisons to Fish Fry are bogus. Fish Fry is a grumpy, taciturn, sour assface. Leach is a lovable, loquacious curmudgeon who has a rich life outside of football. He invented an entire offense that people actually use. Almost the entire Big-12 and many other teams like Purdue and others are running a variation of the Air Raid.

    Your comparison of him to Fish Fry isn’t just weak Derek, it’s 100% false.

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  4. Ray

    He might be a complete nut however with Mimmy and Spurrier no ,onger coaching he is very likely the best offensive coach in the country


  5. Gurkha Dawg

    Anyone who does not like Mike Leach knows not truth nor beauty. Guys like him are why I love CFB and hate the NFL.

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  6. 3rdandGrantham

    If you get an opportunity, listen to his 2 hour interview with Clay Travis from a month or so back. Really good stories, and the fact that Leach never made more than something like 20k a year until he became the OC at UK was stunning. And even when he got the UK gig, he was only making 80K a year back in the late 90’s. Of course these days OC’s/DC’s often make 7 figures or more.

    He also mentioned his fondness for south Georgia while spending time there at Valdosta State. Thought it was nuts that they gave every new baby a football at the hospital but loved the passion there. Of course said it was brutally hot, but we knew that already.

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  7. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    There exists no greater “clickbait” or “instaclick” or whatever you want to call it, than an article about Mike Leach. I don’t care the context, I’m clicking on it and will read every word. If The Athletic had an extra charge to read Mike Leach stories, I’d probably agree to it.

    I mean, there is not a more interesting individual in college coaching. He’s like the Anti-Saban, in that regards. It’s forced him to have a career outside the premier jobs, but college football is a better place because he’s in it.

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  8. Malcolmx

    If you want pure genius, go to you tube and search for mike leach wedding advice. Brilliant humor.


  9. The Pirates legend grows….