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This wisdom, believe it or not, comes sourced from an outfit that bills itself as “The top destination for college athletics leadership and management thinking.”

Methinks struggling with self-awareness is a bigger issue than self-doubt, guys.  But you do you.



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Hope blocks.

So, here’s a four-section preview of Tennessee’s offensive line.  The first three all feature “if” and “hope” as integral parts of the analysis.  Here’s the fourth:

Let’s be honest: The Tennessee offensive line was, for the most part, horrible last year. Just an improvement from horrible is bad, which isn’t going to be good enough to compete on a week-in, week-out basis in the SEC. Plus with the expectation that at least one of the true freshmen is going to play, growing pains are to be expected. One should expect the Vols to be better up front with all of the quality additions and the potential return of Smith, but how much better will they be?

Yeah, that looks like it’s gonna end well.


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“It might be the first time going into the season where you could make a case that the East is stronger than the West in some ways.“

Ridiculously small sample size, or start of a trend?

Let me just say that “might” and “in some ways” there sounds like Greg McElroy is trying to convince himself of something he doesn’t quite believe yet.


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Educational experience

I know Mayfield’s a cocky SOB, but you’ve got to like somebody who can poke fun at himself like that.


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