“It might be the first time going into the season where you could make a case that the East is stronger than the West in some ways.“

Ridiculously small sample size, or start of a trend?

Let me just say that “might” and “in some ways” there sounds like Greg McElroy is trying to convince himself of something he doesn’t quite believe yet.


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8 responses to ““It might be the first time going into the season where you could make a case that the East is stronger than the West in some ways.“

  1. sniffer

    Mac has a lawyer like presentation. Lots of “well, it depends” kind of approach. As opposed to Kanell who believes he has all the answers.


  2. Bright Idea

    Greg doesn’t read this blog I suppose. Lots of posts here about Florida and UT having problems. Is he speaking of USCe, Kentucky, Vandy and Mizzou?


  3. Classic City Canine

    I’d put LSU and TAMU above anyone in the East except Georgia so I’m going with no. The West is still king


    • Will Adams

      Exactly what I was thinking. The media pegs FU as being a top 10 team this preseason which would be a good #2 team for the East if FU was actually a top 10 team. I just don’t see that happening for the lizards.

      I live in Jacksonville FL so I hear a lot of lizard hype on the sports talk radio down here daily. They love talking about the “elite” WR’s and the “great” RB’s they have. As well as how Franks played really well the last 3 games which shows it finally clicked on for him. Those three things will win them at least 10 games in their minds…

      The problem is that everyone knows against good defensive teams, you have to have a good OL in order to move the ball and put up points. FU fans truly believe that they’ll have an OL that will be good enough to give Franks enough time to hit open WR’s as well as open holes in the running game. That’ll probably be true against every team they play except for LSU, Auburn, UGA, and possibly Miami/Mizzou. Hell, everyone saw what one dominant DL did to them last year when Josh Allen single handily beat them to snap their winning streak against Kentucky. And this year’s line isn’t supposed to be any better than last years! Even if they all stay healthy!

      Long story short, you’re very right in that the West is still the stronger division in the SEC.


  4. Phillip

    Despite the east beating the west last year…


  5. J-Dawg

    I would hold off agreeing until I see what Kentucky and Cackalacky do this year. I expect Kentucky to improve a little every year from now on. If they pull 8 or 9 wins this year it proves last year was not a fluke. Boom “can” recruit and if they can get to a bowl this year with their schedule I’m impressed. If those two teams do well this year then I’m ready to say the East is better. Dopey Dan better start recruiting or FU will become the new Vandy.


  6. I read this. Closer – yes. Better – no. The weakness? The Gators. LSU is a much stronger team and program and it will show on the field this year. And A&M appears to be better than Missouri or South Carolina. In fact, I think Mizzou is the 2nd best team in the East and I’m not convinced that they are better than A&M – much less LSU. There is still work to do here.