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Today, in stats of the day

Where’s Tua?


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Of all the hot takes…

I have to admit I didn’t see Roll ‘Bama Roll’sMark Richt out-coached Kirby Smart” coming.


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Meanwhile, on the other side of the continent…

Mike Leach apparently isn’t a morning person.

I wonder if anyone has considered that he might make a better conference commissioner than Larry Scott.



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“This is a fight the Pac-12 can’t win, so why not take it to another venue?”

I like Andy Staples, but this ($$) is the saddest piece he’s ever written.

This newest idea? At first blush, it sounds nuts. Starting games at 9 a.m. local time on the west coast?…

Though this becomes a big ask for the home fans who would then be expected to show up bright and early, it does make sense from an exposure perspective when we consider how the other leagues prefer to program their games…

The imposition is on ticket-buying fans who would prefer to leave their homes at a reasonable hour, attend a day game and drive home at a reasonable hour.

Oh, attending fans.  Them.

Y’all keep telling yourselves that player compensation is the existential threat to college football.


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Your Daily Gator likes to play with dolls.


There are occasions when I don’t feel the need to editorialize.  This is one of them.

(h/t Mashdogg91)


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