Of all the hot takes…

I have to admit I didn’t see Roll ‘Bama Roll’sMark Richt out-coached Kirby Smart” coming.


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  1. Kirby lives rent free in RBR’s heads.


  2. Yurdle

    Yeah it was a bad call to run the play and not call timeout. But the wishful thinking at RBR about Kirby is pretty palpable. Saban is still on top, but Kirby is nipping at his heels. In two years, Bama has been forced off his game twice: Clemson and UGA twice.


    • Yurdle

      I meant three times, but I was forgetting Auburn, so it should be four. Getting old sucks.

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    • Macallanlover

      Not calling timeout was a great call until the result made us all wish we had something, anything differently. Weird circumstance, could not have foreseen that. UGA had time for 2 plays whether TO was called, or not. I think going fast while Bama was on their heels was an excellent decision. Like so many Monday morning QBing views, it is just the result we don’t like.

      The UGA coaches all knew the options, I would have been critical if they had not made the decision to call for a TO because they panicked and forgot, but both Richt and Bobo went with what Homer Smith articulated in his book regarding that very situation. Sucked what happened but Conley just reacted instinctively, I have no issue with it. Murray had been very good that season on throws over the middle near the end zone, if I had one thing it change it would have been to try a slant or TE throw. Doesn’t matter, none if us got a mulligan that night. Helluva SECCG.


      • Y is talking about the fake punt last year.


      • Mayor

        I assume you are talking about the 2012 SECCG. Georgia was out of TOs Mac. The question was to spike it or not. Richt played it wrong for the very reason we saw play out on the field. According to Homer Smith you do what Richt did when you HAVE a TO left but if you are out of TOs you spike it so you can huddle up and tell Conley and everyone else “don’t catch it unless you are in the EZ.” In that situation you have to eliminate a tackle in the field of play short of the EZ because the clock will run out, which is exactly what happened.


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    Fields panicked. That’s on him.

    It’s also on the coaches for putting him in that position.

    Move along.

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    Are these writers ever gonna let the Richt comparison die?


  5. Greg

    Not going to argue the play call, sometimes you have to take risks. But I will argue that putting Fields in there was a “boneheaded” move. Not fair to the team, Fields or Fromm. It possibly cost us in this game.

    Love Smart, never seen recruiting so good….but sometimes what appears to be stubbornness, has hurt him imo. Hopefully he shakes this, still shake my head when I think of the Florida game sometimes.

    As far as who the better coach is, time will tell imo. Nonetheless….glad we have him, it was time to make a change.

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  6. CB

    The play didn’t work and it wasn’t even close. Therefore it was a bad call, but the rationale that Fields hadn’t thrown passes against a good defense begs the question – how many passes had Arthur Lynch thrown against competent defense in 2012? Or any other year for that matter? That’s a dumb talking point.

    I agree that it would have been a lot better to make Hurts drive the field, and yes Fields was a freshman (who didn’t get the ball snapped in time).

    I’m curious as to whether or not Kirby was hoping not only to catch Bama sleeping with an early snap, but also with a #1 jersey swap in an attempt to convince the defense that it was Brenton Cox and not Fields. I doubt it, but maybe. I can’t remember if Cox was on the punt team at all last season.


    • Will Adams

      Exactly what I was thinking about Lynch throwing the ball in 2012. This is just the time of year that sites are digging up coincidental stuff to make it seem like there’s more to the story than what there is in reality.


    • I recall in reporters’ questions after the game that an earlier snap would have produced a different result. But I am just not seeing it. The only guy that comes open is the deep slant and by then Fields has already committed to being swallowed up on an impossible inside run.


      • CB

        Have you considered that the reason for the deep slant coming open late is because of the late snap?


      • Greg

        Agree, would not have made a difference. As soon as Fields trotted out on the field, Bama’s ‘D adjusted. Not secret to what was going on, all eyes were on Fields. I knew it and half the people watching probably knew that we were not going to punt.

        The play never had a chance from the start. Hard to make a play work when everyone knows what you are doing. Kirby should have called a timeout when the ‘D adjusted and changed the play. But WTF, hope he has learned.

        Awful call….


  7. Russ

    I’m convinced Kirby stole someone’s girlfriend from RBR. They hate him with all their being. Which will make it that much sweeter when we kick their ass for all 4 quarters this year.


  8. Greg

    Some good points, but both Lynch were up backs when they came in for the punt. Lynch did not alert Bama what the dawgs were going to do….but Bama and the rest of America knew what Fields was going to do when he came in, they read it and adjusted (Bama). At that point, Kirby should have called a timeout and readjusted.

    Lynch had his eyes downfield from the get go looking for a receiver, it worked. It looked as though Fields was looking to run from the start. If you are going to do it, at least offer some deception for the ‘D.

    But you are probably right, just a bad call from the start. Make Hurts drive the field.


    • Olde Dawg 78

      We argue this all day but there’s more to coaching than just game day play calling.

      Recruiting – Smart all day long. It never seemed to be a priority for Richt.

      Practice/game day prep – Smart. There was always at least one game a year where Richt’s team just appeared to be clueless.

      Staff management – Smart. I don’t see him putting up turmoil that Richt did.

      I expect play calling to get better with a team full of Smart’s recruits and a new OC.

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      • Practice / game day prep – did you watch the Nicholls, Ole Miss, Vandy and FU games in 2016, Auburn game 1 in 2017, and the LSU and Texas game in 2018? Kirby still has a lot of work to do in this area.

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        • By the way, recruiting was a huge priority for Richt. You can complain about the o-line recruiting and roster management, but to say he didn’t care about it is just disregard of the facts.


  9. This is all major rose colored glasses by the Gumps. The mistake was putting Fields out there, so was decidedly weird and had Bama a bit tipped off…..but the play was STILL there if the snap is early.

    It was as much a timing/execution error as it was personal.

    Now, I have some problems with the call: I think it would have been better on either of the previous 2 4th down punts, and at that point in the game, I would have rather pinned Hurts backs and then unleashed every blitz we had.


    • I totally agree with this. Fields told everyone what was going to happen. If Hurts has to go the length of the field, we would have given our defense a fighting chance. The fake told the defense he had zero confidence in them. They folded after that like a cheap suit.


      • I don’t know. The d was gassed and missing Walker by that point. So I don’t think they folded, but giving hurts a short field was a bad idea.


        • The fake punt told the defense Kirby didn’t think they could hold them, so at best, the offense would get one last shot to tie. It also completely took the Georgia crowd out of the game because everyone was saying, “WTF was that?”

          It was a much worse in-game decision than the 2012 failure to spike. A fake only works if the element of surprise is there. Once that was lost, it was best to punt the damn ball.


    • I still don’t understand how the play succeeds if the snap comes out earlier. Where does Fields go with the ball?


      • CBS didn’t come back from commercial until 9 seconds on the play clock. We snapped it with 8. By then Swift was covered. If you can find footage when they originally lined up, Swift was uncovered.

        We didn’t snap it soon enough. Period.

        That said, if Fields isn’t out there, Alabama probably doesn’t sniff it out and notice Swift uncovered so quickly.


  10. Grandy Peace

    So RBR just figured out what everyone told Kirby after the game (also, Saban said he didn’t think they had it covered properly)?

    What a mind scramble.