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“Well, I’ve got news for you: Nobody is going now.”

I get the point Jon Wilner is making here, but it sure sounds counter-intuitive to me to base a new marketing strategy on what television viewers located all the way across the country like, rather than figuring out what’ll attract the locals.

I guess I’m not a visionary genius like Larry Scott.  Or as lazy.



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Getting the week started with a little Dawg porn…

You can read the details from Seth Emerson’s ranking of Georgia’s offensive units ($$) if you’d like.  I’m just gonna leave you with his intro.

… The Bulldogs had seven offensive players named to the preseason All-SEC teams. Never before in program history have that many players made the All-SEC team at the end of the season. So, if it plays out as predicted …

It never does, of course. But as stacked as Georgia’s offense is, the number could actually increase. There will be seven former five-stars on this year’s offense, as well as five more who were top-100 players, and that dandy dozen doesn’t include tight end Charlie Woerner and guard Solomon Kindley, who made the preseason All-SEC team.

Yeah, well, if the Gators don’t wind up taking all those spots…

If you need to be by yourself for a little while, I understand.


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Your Daily Gator is ready to blow some smoke.

Be prepared.  Florida opens fall camp today and the optimism is likely to go through the roof.

Even though Dan Mullen has enjoyed plenty of success as a head coach at Mississippi State and Florida, he’s never won more than 10 games in a season.

He seems poised for a breakthrough.

He certainly has a team capable of making it happen.

Everybody’s undefeated in July.


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TFW the critics aren’t as impressed with you as you are

Here’s Central Florida’s latest scheduling move.

The reviews are in and the critics aren’t exactly wowed.

And Danny Boy’s not happy with the criticism.

Those self-proclaimed national titles don’t hold as much weight these days as they used to, I guess.


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As the old saying goes…

Opinions are like assholes — everybody’s got one.


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Chris Conley never forgets.

Old habits die hard.  Or never at all.


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