TFW the critics aren’t as impressed with you as you are

Here’s Central Florida’s latest scheduling move.

The reviews are in and the critics aren’t exactly wowed.

And Danny Boy’s not happy with the criticism.

Those self-proclaimed national titles don’t hold as much weight these days as they used to, I guess.



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21 responses to “TFW the critics aren’t as impressed with you as you are

  1. Of course, it would have been really rich if UCF had gotten a 2 for 1 agreement with FIU.

    Danny, know your place. You’re a mid-major, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There is no Power 6 no matter how much you say it. He makes you want to hate his athletic program.

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  2. spur21

    Danny is a screwdriver – one of the simplest tools in the toolbox.


  3. Texas Dawg

    UCF is like the fat man posing in front of the mirror and seeing Arnold in his prime staring back. The rest of us still see them for what they really are.


  4. MGW

    Frankly I like it. Schools should play nonconference home and homes with comparable teams from the same area. That’s how true rivalries are made.

    But when a down UF offers to come to your stadium, you accept.


    • stoopnagle

      Did they? I thought they wanted to play in the Citrus Bowl?


      • MGW

        Might be wrong but I thought the whole deal was twice in the swamp, once at ucf; true 2 for 1.

        If it was two for one neutral I get saying no but i think that’s what the whole stink is about; UF was willing to come to give you the biggest home game in the history of your program by a mile and you say no because they wanted you to come to town twice. Which by the way would be the two biggest and best attended road games in your programs history, and in total, 3 opportunities to knock off the flagship program in your state while you’re up and they’re down. Three prime time games everyone in the nation would be watching.


      • No, it was going to be at UCF.


      • Russ

        I read Citrus Bowl, but why should that matter? UCF played there for years. Their fans can’t drive 15 minutes?


  5. Doug

    Danny White is the Seymour Skinner of college football. “I don’t live with my mother—she lives with me!”


  6. Makes sense if your get to crow about how good you are without ever having to prove it.


  7. Tony Barnfart

    I think he’s really losing the war in all of the little battles he thinks he is winning.

    (1) You either play the teams your fanbase craves or you don’t. I didn’t see them any less excited for bowls vs Auburn and LSU because they were at neutral sites. Nope, they got to take a swing at a big boy. It was exciting, as it should be. Why you would pass on 3 more swings, with 1 being at your home stadium, is beyond me. They are sitting back trying to win the internet battle while USF will win the war because they get 3 cracks at Alabama, one at home.

    (2) JMO, but I believe in the theory that once you have some success as a little guy in embarrassing a blue blood you become a little bit less of a liability and more of a decent scheduling component. In 2005, Boise had to take a buy game from us. By 2011, they were invited to the Chik FilA kick off, and again a few years later vs Ole Miss. Even assuming ADs are scared of the lose-lose of playing a UCF, I think that liability wears off once a team becomes a little bit of a darling… an early Gonzaga basketball or an early Bowden FSU. Beat a few people in 2-for-1s, let the stench of losing to UCF/USF fade and then you’ll probably get some 1-for-1s you think you’re entitled to once the greater public is no longer intrigued by UCF beating somebody. Feels like that worked for Boise for a while.


    • Tony Barnfart

      **forgot the obligatory reference to the awful pro-combat uniforms that Boise admittedly kicked our ass in.


  8. ChiliDawg

    Danny White jumped the shark.


  9. Gotta play a big boy schedule if you truly want national respect. Or, just be content to play an also ran team in a bowl no one really gives a shit about.

    At some point, the athletic director needs to be realistic. Assuming he’s being dumb and not dishonest, he should change his “life should be fair” philosophy to “anytime, anyplace.”

    I’d also make the argument that no legit team is going to travel to FIU – that’s more embarrassing in my opinion than submitting to a 2 for 1 to a team that gets noticed.