“Well, I’ve got news for you: Nobody is going now.”

I get the point Jon Wilner is making here, but it sure sounds counter-intuitive to me to base a new marketing strategy on what television viewers located all the way across the country like, rather than figuring out what’ll attract the locals.

I guess I’m not a visionary genius like Larry Scott.  Or as lazy.


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  1. stoopnagle

    I know, right? Stop begging the east coast to watch your games! Honestly, when your teams aren’t as good, why would you want the voters to watch when you can get away with so much more if they just look at box scores?


  2. Otto

    Late in the season I might consider watching 2 teams in the PAC title hunt if they are in the running for a playoff spot over Tenn vs Mizzou at noon. Maybe.


  3. Russ

    So, I guess I now understand Scott’s logic. Since nobody on the west coast seems to attend the games, he’ll try to find fans on the east coast. Yeah, that’ll work.


  4. DC Weez

    Man, I’ll never again complain about a noon game.

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  5. MGW

    It’s almost as though private equity is already running the pac-12.


  6. Have a champion with 1 or fewer losses, Larry. Maybe then you get a seat at the CFP table. The other thing to try is to use the officials for USC like the SEC does for Bama.


  7. Just a fan

    Hemm let’s see… PAC 12 games are later in the day/evening when there are fewer games on the east coast. So to solve my viewership issue, let’s change some start times to compete against a far larger slate of East Coast games. Brilliant !

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    • This. The only time I’m watching Pac12 is the late night games it seems, only because there is no more SEC/east coast action. I guess that game will still be there for us, but maybe tv viewership in the west will pick up for their 9am slot instead of some east coast games?


  8. Cojones

    Gandering at those attendance figures at Cal, USC and UCLA gives you an idea that CFB isn’t doing very well in the PAC 12. With those population centers, it’s the equivalent of only about 10k showing up at stadiums in small towns in the SEC and ACC. My God, only half show up now at UCLA and 60% of the seats are filled at USC and Cal. This move would certainly cut into those figures and showing so many empty seats of disinterest to the rest of the country would be downright embarrassing.

    USC and UCLA stadiums were filled on natl tv years ago when they had great teams/players. They have sunk lower than whaleshit.


  9. Tatum

    It has nothing to do with viewership, they are doing it for the kids!

    From the article: “Playing at 9 a.m. on Saturday is better for the players than playing at 7:30 p.m. It gets the visiting team home before dinner, instead of in the pre-dawn hours Sunday, and therefore causes less chaos with sleep cycles when Monday morning classes arrive.”


  10. Tony Barnfart

    To play a mild contrarian POV, you could get a nice uptick in attendance for families with young children. We’re all up anyway, although youth soccer is a thing too though so, who knows…Offer free breakfast for the kids and $5 bloodies for mom & dad and you may be on to something. You’d need to add some changing tables though, because you’d have more babies in the stands than you ever imagined.

    I could absolutely do a 9am’er in August.


  11. TimberRidgeDawg

    It won’t increase live attendance and West Coast viewership will go down because everybody will be running errands or whatever youth game their kids are playing during the morning.

    I don’t think the left coasters, as a whole, are that invested in college football regardless and that is their real issue.


  12. FlyingPeakDawg

    My guess is they have confirmed with the networks and advertisers that a 10% increase in East Coast eyeballs is worth more money than a 10% loss of fannies in seats. The article shows poor attendance, but purchased tickets is what counts for the bottom line.


  13. Malcolm X

    You people don’t get it. Fans in the seats are irrelevant. It’s all about TV.
    All that is really needed is the game played before a green screen. Understand the stadium is really just a big studio. TV generates far more money than butts in seats. The second issue people aren’t thinking about is that California often predicts Future trends in the United States. If football is struggling in California now, in 20 years it will struggle in the south. It doesn’t matter what the reasons are, just that it will happen.


    • FAKE NEWS. Embrace it! [sarcasm…]


    • College football struggles in California because most of the state colleges (UC and Cal State systems) don’t even play big time football.

      Kendall Milton is leaving the state and didn’t even consider a school west of the Mississippi (don’t remember if Red Stick is east or west of the river).


  14. ApalachDawg

    Just dumb Pac-12.

    However for the “Arkansas State” type games that we play – instead of a noon start in September when it is Kelvin hot with Vietnam humidity, a 9am starts sounds fabulous. Hell start the game at 7am. For those of us commuting from south georgia, if you cut the commercials out, we could be back in the dove field for the afternoon shoot. But hey according to some dickweeds on this blog, South GA folks don’t mean shit to Bulldog Nation

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  15. I’ll be watching Oregon beat Auburn…does that count?

    I’ll also keep tabs on Eason.

    But the bottom line is the West Coast has done nothing to promote, market, and protect its brands. And to think of those schools that used to be such a big deal. But hey ..Rose Bowl!


  16. Poon Logan

    I truly enjoy watching the late night west coast games in my bedroom. All offense, ZERO defense. Lots of hot girls in the stands shown in the commercials. Leave it alone.


  17. I don’t understand what they are on about.

    I actually end up watching a handful of PAC12 games when it is a lazy Saturday and I don’t have a lot of work to catch up on, and feel like watching some casual games late at night where I don’t care about who wins but just want to enjoy some football.

    If PAC12 games were on earlier I would watch absolutely ZERO. I will never watch a PAC12 game if it is up against even a mediocre SEC game.

    They should actually use their time zone as a BENEFIT and put some awesome games on late 9pm+ that is great for their local fans and also late night sports fans.