Larry Scott is college football’s George Constanza.

You may recall the Pac-12’s commissioner’s lukewarm concern about the conference’s general counsel inserting himself into the review of a penalty call in last year’s USC-Wazzou game.  It’s taken a while, but Woodie Dixon has been unceremoniously removed from a position of having any authority to challenge a review decision.

But, as Jon Wilner relates, it’s not because Larry Scott woke up suddenly motivated to do what appears to most normal football fans as an obvious and correct decision.

At the time of the scandal, accountability was difficult to locate.

Immediately following the incident, Scott conducted an internal review and committed to changes in the relevant protocol; only after several weeks did he announce an unspecified punishment for Dixon.

That wasn’t enough — not close to enough — to restore public trust, and the athletic directors knew it. They pushed the conference for a full audit conducted by an independent agency…

— The removal of Dixon from the top of the Pac-12’s officiating operation: Coleman will now report directly to Scott.

(If not for Anderson and the ADs pushing for the external review, Dixon seemingly would have remained in charge. Give that some thought.)  [Emphasis added.]

All of which brings this to mind.


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4 responses to “Larry Scott is college football’s George Constanza.

  1. Harold Miller

    Just hand him the kashmir sweater with the red dots, and send him on his way.


  2. Huntindawg

    Is there an article somewhere that describes exactly how this happened?

    I’m envisioning Dixon sitting behind his desk in his law office getting a call about an officiating call. “What, I’m supposed to have input into a referee’s decision in a game??? Well, ok, I guess I’ll overrule it.”

    I’m sure that’s not how it happened, but I’d sure love to hear the chain of events that led to this.


  3. Mayor

    The game was fixed. Dixon was trying to make sure USC won the game. At the time it looked like USC was going to be the PAC 12 champion and the suits didn’t want USC upset by lowly Wazzou. Turned out to be a really bad decision when USC ended up a dud and Wazzou turned out to be that conference’s best team. The USC loss cost the PAC 12 a big time bowl berth for Wazzou.