The year of living crazily

It’s a shame that the passage of time dims our memories, because nobody should forget how utterly chaotic the 2007 college football season really was.

And don’t forget that West Virginia was this close to playing in the national title game until it crapped the bed in the Backyard Brawl and left RichRod in tears.

2007 as the best college football season ever is a hill I’m absolutely prepared to die on.


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24 responses to “The year of living crazily

  1. Derek

    That Pitt/WVU game was the crookedest game I ever watched.

    The refs were doing everything they could to get a Big East rep in the natty.


  2. UGA – bama title game 2017 says, ” hold my beer”….

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  3. Granthams replacement

    The background noise of the Pitt players yelling during Rich’s presser is awesome

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  4. Hobnail_Boot

    Most fun season? Absolutely.

    Best? No way. LSU getting a title shot was absurd.


  5. Legatedawg

    It was indeed a memorable season, also was the first one in which our guys had wins over both Florida and Auburn since 1982, I think. That in itself was almost enough to help me forget the disastrous shit-the-bed that they turned in up in Knoxville.
    As terrific as the 2007 season was nationally, I’ve wondered at times whether the tremendous interest that it generated across the general public played any role in escalating the money flowing into the sport via TV contracts etc which led to the horrid Conference re-alignments of 4-5 years later.


  6. Doug

    I knew that South Carolina had gotten punked by Vandy that year, but I’d forgotten that they’d made it all the way up to #6 in the nation when they did so. If memory serves, they didn’t win a game the rest of the season and stayed home for bowl season.

    I remember Steve Spurrier acting super smarmy after the ‘Cocks beat us in week 2 of that season. Hope that helped him sleep at night while his team completely tanked down the stretch.


  7. SB Nation did a story on the WVU Pitt game back before the 2017 season. Let’s just say those nerves are still a little raw.


    • … and yet incredibly the two teams don’t even play anymore. As it will be with Pitt/PedSt. after this season. The Pitt money grab for ACC $ cost its only real rivalries. As if UGa entered a new conference and dumped Tech and Auburn.


  8. Ricky McDurden

    I would buy the entire 2007 season on blu ray and watch it every Summer front to back.


  9. Tutti399

    “Stafford missing Moreno on that wheel route in the South Carolina game would come back to haunt this team. If Georgia had beaten the Gamecocks, we wouldn’t be going through this exercise right now…”

    How true


  10. DawgFaithful

    That is a man who is in excruciating pain. I almost felt sorry for him. Then they ran over our asses in the Sugar Bowl.