Your Daily Gator is stylin’.


Looks like somebody forgot to tell Dan the presser was indoors.


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18 responses to “Your Daily Gator is stylin’.

  1. Jack Burton

    What’s truly funny about this is that you know he asked someone “should I wear the hat to the presser? No…well maybe. Shit, i might look cool. I’m going to wear the hat to the presser”


  2. Whiskeydawg

    Too bad he couldn’t take an airboat to the presser, Gator Mcklusky style. Oh well there’s always next year.


  3. Highlands Dawg

    He’s getting ready for “a 3 hour tour, a 3 hour tour.”
    Little Buddy

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  4. DrumDawg

    Cousin Eddie’s look seem familiar…


  5. Spike

    “..You get a free bowl of soup with that hat..?”


  6. GruvenDawg

    This dude…hard to believe he’s the coach arc uF.


  7. Tatum

    I do yard work in a hat like that. I take it off when I go inside because any moron knows it’s an outside hat.


  8. Austin

    Come on, I bet the high school kids think that is so cool. 😂😂


  9. RangerRuss

    When I wore a stupid hat my Papa told me I needed two. One to shit in and the other to cover it up.


  10. AceDawg

    Damn – Mullen would make a hell of a cast addition to Water Boy 2 if/when that ever comes out.


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