Your Daily Gator rationalizes.

So, Georgia grabs its second big recruit in the past couple of days and is in a virtual tie with ‘Bama in average stars, per the 247Sports Composite.  Florida, not so much.

Not to worry, says this resident genius on Alligator Alley.  The Gators’ recruiting is juuuust a bit outside right now.

First off our class isn’t bad by any means, add like three 5 stars or quite a few more 4 stars and it’s elite. With regrades and if we land some top targets by signing day our average should be above 90 with a full class. This is considered a “good” class.

Let me say Clemson’s class is on Pace to be a monster… Even by anyone elses standard. With 19 commits they could realistically sign potentially ten 5 stars (disgusting).

Also Georgia sitting down at 6 is surprising. Starting to think the bags in Athens are starting to wait and see if they can get over the Bama hump. Honestly if they don’t this year expect them to settle in the 4-7 range, rather than the 1-3 range.

There are only two programs in the Composite with as many as three five-star commitments, Clemson and Georgia.  Florida has zippo.  But, sure, Mullen’s got a bunch of studs in his back pocket waiting to drop at an opportune time.

Meanwhile, this post in the AA thread about Milton’s commitment is so good, I was tempted to break precedent and make it the QOTD.

This board must be what like f$u or mutt boards were like when we had Meyer killing it in all facets. Sucks we are on the other side now with dopey Dan incapable or unwilling or oblivious to this recruiting mess

Savor the times, Dawg fans.  Those salty tears will never taste better.


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  1. Got Cowdog

    IDK Senator. A couple more shellackings would age the tears nicely, like a good Bourbon …. It might even give them that hint of true despair that would make it a rare and sought after vintage.

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    • SpellDawg

      Yes indeed, the day the gators fire Mullen because Kirby keeps kicking his can in every facet will be as close to Nirvana as I am likely ever to get. It can get better, and at the risk of having “and a pony” expectations, I truly believe that it will.


    • Cojones

      Got, that post makes an old fart’s heart beat stronger just before leaning back for Savor Time. You captured the meaning of the word “Nice!”.


  2. dawgfan1995

    I think my favorite exchange on that thread was the original poster saying that UGA recruiting would not finish well if UF wins, and the response given by the next poster, both sic’d:

    OP: “Not if we beat there ass”
    RE: “I don’t sea how we don’t”

    Quality UF edumacation right thurr.

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    • “I don’t sea how we don’t”…We at UF are looking at an ocean of possibilities now that willful blindness has taken its full effect.

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      • Will Adams

        They truly are in complete denial about (as they say about Kirby’s program) the “house of cards” that their season is built on. One commenter stated they expect to get a win in Jax this year because of the talent they have returning. But they completely gloss over the fact that they can’t afford a single injury to any of their units, outside of possibly WR. I don’t wish I’ll will on any of the players but this being the sport of football, there will be injuries. There OL is weak when 100% healthy. They have a good RB but not 2 or 3 or 4 like the Dawgs bring to the field. Their QB improved last year but couldn’t do squat against the Dawgs even though our D couldn’t generate pressure consistently like I’m sure will happen this year due to our edge rush talent and their weak OL.

        Not to mention our OL, QB, and RBs will be better than they were a year ago. Our weak link at WR will probably be a distant memory by the time we roll into Jax.

        I hope FU comes into Jax with this confidence we’re seeing now. Just so the beat-down that ensues is that much more sweet. But then we’ll hear how they just didn’t play well. It’s funny to me how a team can just have an off day without realizing their off day was due to the other team being more talented and better overall.


  3. DavetheDawg

    Rationalization: Duct tape for bloggers.


  4. dawgfan1995

    Also, if this doesn’t sound like a UGA recruiting thread circa 2014, I don’t know what does:

    “Hate to break it to all the stargazers in here but stars don’t matter. Coaching matters, development matters, facilities matter. But stars don’t. JJ Watt was a 2 star. Every 3 star we sign wants to prove Luke Stampini wrong and will out work the supposed 4 and 5 stars. I’ll take a 3 star who wants to be a Gator over all these overrated 5 stars. Most draft picks in the NFL are 3 stars or lower, btw”


  5. Biggen

    That thread is amazing.

    The fallout from their 2019 class implosion the next year or so will be exciting to watch. They are going to have major depths problems going forward.

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    • Russ

      I like how they keep repeating that their 2019 class was a top 10 class because the rankings don’t change just because “a kid (or several) leave”. LOL! Cold comfort.


  6. sniffer

    Fans, were we ever this delusional, idiotic and blind? I mean, in the 90’s, I hoped we might beat UF, but I understood we had inferior talent and lesser coaching. That article is written by a writer who chooses to ignore facts and then creates his own reality from thin air.


    • scorecheck

      Well said sniffer


    • 79Dawg

      The dread of having this site (much less other more radical ones) potentially available to discuss Georgia football in the ’90s may make this the first time I have ever been thankful for AOL dialup….


  7. ChiliDawg

    This one takes the cake –

    Hate to break it to all the stargazers in here but stars don’t matter. Coaching matters, development matters, facilities matter. But stars don’t. JJ Watt was a 2 star. Every 3 star we sign wants to prove Luke Stampini wrong and will out work the supposed 4 and 5 stars. I’ll take a 3 star who wants to be a Gator over all these overrated 5 stars. Most draft picks in the NFL are 3 stars or lower, btw

    idk how to do the quote text.


  8. Chi-town Dawg

    My favorite quote from one of their posters….

    ”It’s because we’re all jealous. If anyone says they aren’t, they’re lying. We want what they have, and we want it even more than other fan bases because we’ve had it before.

    Everyone here–pumper, Posse, whatever–wants UF to be on the level like that. If UF ever gets back there, this board is going to be an incredibly fun, less-divisive place. I guarantee it. But we aren’t there, and until we are, no matter what good things happen to us, it’s not going to change the perspective until great things start to happen. It’s just the way it is. I’ve only been a UF fan for 8 years, so it’s all I really know.”

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  9. ChiliDawg

    BTW it dawns on me that their board is literally a mirror image of gamecock fan boards during Clemson’s run up to a national title. They are saying identical things w/r/t Kirby as the lamecock fans said about Dabo. It’s eerie.


    • KornDawg

      I know quite a few gamecock fans. They all wanted Dabo to stay forever during the early years. They’re not really singing the same tune nowadays.


  10. practicaldawg

    What’s amazing is how many of their posts come back to some kind of statement about how Kirby can’t coach in a big game and how Mullen is superior in that regard. And yet I keep checking historical records, which show Mullen has never coached a post-season game or won more than 10 games in any single season. I’m guessing this weird fantasy can only survive one more season.


    • Biggus Rickus

      He went 5-4 in their rivalry game with Ole Miss, which is fine. However, in his nine years at MSU, he beat two teams who would finish the season ranked: Ole Miss in 2009 (20th) and Auburn in 2014 (22nd). He beat one team who would finish ranked last year, by the way: LSU.


  11. A lot of them are left resorting to screaming “House of cards!!!”. Sounds a lot like Techie fans to me.


  12. Doug

    “First off our class isn’t bad by any means, add like three 5 stars or quite a few more 4 stars and it’s elite.”

    I’m not undateable by any means. Drop 10 pounds, double my salary, add a Porsche 911 and swap my face with Ryan Reynolds’ and I’m quite the catch.

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    • Its just that simple Doug!


    • Ricky McDurden

      It’s my absolute favorite logical fallacy regardless of topic:

      “Everything is actually great if you change most of what it is.”

      It’s the same “If you don’t like how much you’re making, just get a better paying job” argument. If we’re lucky, they’ll use this rationale to hold onto Mullen well past his expiration date the way we muddled around with Richt for 15 years.


  13. W Cobb Dawg

    I like big backs! Happy to have Milton on board and set to enroll in January. And he’s enthusiastic about us landing another top RB, like Evans or Bigsby. Kirby & Co. putting together another top class, and will challenge for #1 again.

    Meanwhile, fu is trying to salvage what they can from a dwindling roster.

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  14. Cojones

    FU is going to be overrun by several other teams that will push FU further down in the rankings as we go forward. That’s an added feature to the already existing angst mixed with those tears. FU recruiting will continue on the same downward angle until Feb, with a short wreckage scene in Dec when most will commit to all the other teams and FU will be looking up at Ken and Aub and a slew of others who are 6-7 players short of FU numbers.

    Our revenge will be served cold and that will steam FU’s excuse-making up. There are so many possibilities for our enjoyment that we won’t be able to tear our eyes from this slow motion train wreck.

    Keep ‘er coming, Blutarsky, your gold vein is widening with each explosive recruitment statement.


  15. stoopnagle

    Imagine what they’ll be like when we win a national title.

    I know we’ll be 5 star assholes about it. Even not it’s going to KILL those MF in Gainesville, Midtown and Knoxville when it happens.


  16. Doug

    How is it Wilcoxson committing to UF doesn’t even generate 30 posts but a kid committing to our rivals already has 70 and counting? Seems to be a trend with all our commits vs. anyone else’s commits.

    Spending more time griping about other teams’ successes than talking about your own? The Georgia Techification of Gainesville continues.


  17. Corch Irvin Meyers New USC Trojans Corch (2020)

    Man, those Gator tears sure are a fine whine.


  18. Dawg19

    Perhaps we should start referring to them as “Florida Tech’.


  19. “So your saying we got a chance”….


  20. potatodawg

    Dopey Dan! We shall see!