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If you’re wondering what I’ll be posting about this weekend…

… it’s probably have something to do with this prototypical Friday afternoon news dump.



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Getting the band back together

Good news from the head coach on the health front.


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The 84

Groo has compiled this handy eligibility chart of Georgia’s current roster.

Screenshot_2019-08-02 The 84 that will start preseason camp

(Projected starters in bold.  “R” denotes previous redshirt.)

There’s an impressive amount of depth stacked up in the lower classes, with a few exceptions, like tight end with its worrisome gap.  You have to figure there are a few juniors who will be leaving early for the NFL, so it remains to be seen what kind of final numbers Smart will have to fill with the next signing class.


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Best’s got nothin’ to do with it.

Another season, another crisis.

If it felt like something changed with Clemson’s emphatic win against Alabama in the College Football Playoff national championship game, the lingering residue is reflected in the preseason Amway Coaches Poll. And it’s not just that Clemson is ranked No. 1 ahead of Alabama, but the margin: The Tigers got 59 first-place votes, the Tide only six.

But let’s not get sidetracked here.

More telling than who’s No. 1 is this: College football’s most exclusive tier is still occupied by only two programs. The same two programs…

… Keep scrolling the rankings beyond ‘Bama, and the names are familiar, too.

The order is different than a year ago. Georgia and Oklahoma have moved up a spot each, while Ohio State has dropped two. But the makeup of the top five in the preseason rankings is the same as it was in August 2018, and it’s hard to quibble.

Oh, you thought I meant this was a crisis for you or me?  No, no, no… it’s a crisis for poor ol’ Mickey, which has to struggle to find a way to entertain Short-Term Attention Span America.

You’ve come a long way from fretting over the Rematch, baby.  Moving the goal posts is overdue.  Fortunately, he’s here to help.

Eh, who cares about having the best, or even the most deserving, in the playoff field?  Let’s just skip straight to healthiest.  Hell, let’s outsource the selection committee to a few wise souls at ESPN while we’re at it.   Think of all the attention that would get.  Boredom problem solved.


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If women’s rowing didn’t exist…

schools would have to invent it.

An examination of athletic participation data suggests many big-time football schools are sporting large rowing rosters, which can help them stay in compliance with the federal gender equity law known as Title IX.

Michigan reported 132 women’s rowers in 2018. The figures were 110 at Ohio State, 101 at Texas and 93 at Oklahoma. Iowa had a sizable squad at 91. But no school could rival Wisconsin and its eye-popping roster of 176 — almost triple the size of the average NCAA squad.

Women’s athletic advocates say the schools’ out-sized rowing teams bear scrutiny under Title IX.

In most cases, the rosters are inflated by large numbers of “novice” rowers — women recruited from the general student body to give the sport a try. As long as those rookies are still on the roster by the time of the team’s first competition, the schools can officially count them as female athletes.

This isn’t offered as criticism of Title IX. After all, there’s nothing wrong with women getting scholarships to play sports.

What it does go to show is how lazy schools are about meeting Title IX requirements and how that laziness actually winds up hurting the very people it was designed to help.

Advocates say the teams are so large they leave many of the women with little real opportunity to compete, denying women a true athletic opportunity…

She said if the schools are truly committed to women’s athletic participation, they would add a women’s team in a new sport rather than padding their rowing rosters.

‘Ya think?  But that would only serve to get away from the real purpose of having a women’s rowing team, which is…

Most of the largest rowing rosters can be found at football schools, a trend that’s likely explained by the added difficulty football schools face in achieving gender balance. Football often involves even larger rosters, averaging 121 players at the game’s highest level. And there is no corresponding women’s sport to balance against it.

“You can’t ever match the football numbers, but rowing is the sport that can bring in the most participants on the women’s side,” said a former athletic director who worked at schools with rowing, speaking on the condition he not be named.

Alabama has 120 women rowers on scholarship. Nick Saban appreciates those ladies doing their best to support Alabama football.


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Musical palate cleanser, re-channeling the Seventies edition

If I had a dollar for every time I heard Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” in college, I’d have been well off at an early age.

Here’s The Highwaywomen’s Highwomen’s “Steve Nicks approved” version of the tune:


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Let’s get this started.

Fall camp, baby.

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Camp 2k19 🚀🏈⁠⠀ #ATD #GoDawgs⁠

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